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The Formula For Your Way Forward

A home business allows the freedom of being able to work whenever or wherever you want 

to. However, it's sometimes not easy to get there. 

Some people may feel like they’re stuck in a rut! Or feel frustrated and helpless at not being 

able to see a way forward. Is this you?

People like this might feel that they are controlled by their work situation, and the 

necessity to earn an income to meet daily expenses. This is understandable, but imagine 

having to go through this day-in day-out for a lifetime and never having the opportunity to try 

something different. 

There's a group of people that are pretty vulnerable right now - the over 50’s, the retirees, 

and those considered to be “too old” for a job. Too old would you believe! That is baloney! 

This is a global epidemic in so-called "Western" countries. 

Understand this ... NO-ONE IS TOO OLD TO WORK! It’s just that the type of work suitable 

for the person has to be discovered. And there's nothing like working from your home. 

But before we get to that, let's dig a bit deeper into "work".

If you are over 50, and still working, then your position in the workforce is likely to be in 

greater peril now than it has been for decades. Many people today need to work well into 

their 60’s, and perhaps into their 70's because they simply don’t have adequate retirement 


Others who are much younger are also at risk of not retaining a permanent work position. In 

today's world of work, there's no such thing as a job for life!

Although some people prefer to keep working for life, as long as it’s not too physical, it's 

because they enjoy what they do. That is to be applauded, but there will come a time when 

being smarter about how work is done will be the decision of choice.

Now consider this. If you’re in work, whether by necessity or by choice, you ...


... because that’s what being an employee involves. 

Unless you're not yearning to break away from this scenario, and to be independent, you 

will never be free from your job! 

If you're a senior or someone whose job is at constant risk of disappearing, or you're 

someone who is despairing about future income, then read on ... you will see a solution that 

is potentially life-changing.

In his great book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill wrote …

... no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.

Read that again, read it several times. Let it sink in. Why not download a copy and read it. 

Here it is ...


Now, I’m not saying you’ll stay in poverty by continuing with your job. Far from it. But there 

is another way, an alternative solution? 

TRADE YOUR PRODUCTS FOR MONEY by building online assets.

So, when starting your online business, remember the important difference in generating 

income ...  you don't necessarily trade TIME, you trade PRODUCTS. 

This is being smart, and if you have some interesting life experiences, skills, or knowledge,  

or you're over 50, you have all the attributes you need to begin a new career online.

This applies to anyone regardless of age. 

What Are Online Assets? 

Generally, they are ...

  • Information products you create and sell
  • Connections and relationships created by leveraging on the Internet
  • The creation of an email list
  • Your reputation generated from satisfied customers and buyers
  • Your website and/or Blog

These are all that are required, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. 

If you've read my background in the About page, then you've possibly concluded that I'm a 

methods person; I like a systematic approach ... one step at a time and a sequential order, 

a planned system. 

Before any of the Online Assets can be achieved, there is one essential ingredient that is 

required. The right mindset. 

If this is not in place it will be difficult for a prospective online entrepreneur to remain 

convinced about success. And so, if you're concerned about not having the right mindset, 

go back to The Right Mindset for a reminder of what is needed.

That concludes the introductory course on getting everything right before embarking on 

your online home business.

Well done. And I hope it's truly been of benefit to you.

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