The Unstoppable Self

Get Your Systems Right

This part of the series is about getting all your thought patterns on the right course before swimming into the swirl of words that will become your info-product project ... or your online business.

There's much, much more of course to managing an online business, just as there is for an offline one. But in this series, just like building a house, the objective has been to establish the foundations and then start building the structure. 

There's always a sequence to creating the structure ... or the framework.  

By now you would have a good idea that there are different ways that you can approach a new venture, but invariably there is a BETTER way. Improvement can be made to almost any product imaginable, and this applies to the process that you adopt in the formation of your business or product.

How do you know what the better way is? 

As a sole operator, you will need to rely on your own judgments, gather together all your own resources, and source your own information. Not a simple or easy task ... but there's always help at hand. 

Learn From Others And Get An Advantage

During the formative times of my online business, I eventually concluded - and I confess, after wasting a lot of time getting there - that the optimum way to success is to follow what others have done before. Very simple really! 

Find a few good people with a lot of experience who can provide some more of that structure that I mentioned previously. And so this is what I have for you ... I'm introducing a long-time Internet marketer who has been writing and publishing online since the 1990's, in the early years of the Internet. Who is he?

Paul Myers ... predominantly a writer and publisher of online newsletter TalkBiz News. 

He's produced a brief report called Becoming Unstoppable ... this is a taste of his style and what he delivers, and by the way, it's free.

The links above are affiliate links ... that means that I've decided to associate NTHB with Paul Myers' work, and should anyone decide to purchase any of his info-products through these links then I'll earn a few dollars. There's no obligation to purchase any of Paul's products, but if you do you will be rewarded.

And, by the way, when you're establishing your own online business, you should also become an affiliate for various offers. It's another way of earning income. Another unstoppable income stream.

Subscribe To Others To See What They're Doing

I make no secret of the fact that I subscribe to a number of other selective lists. It keeps me up to date with what successful people are doing, and it also gets my own creative juices flowing. From time to time in the eBiz EYE Newsletter Digest I mention some very good sources of information that I subscribe to.

But here's one for your consideration … subscription to Paul Myer's newsletter leads to downloading the comprehensive ebook "Need To Know" from which the chapter "Becoming Unstoppable" has been taken. 

"Need To Know" ... subtitled "What You Must Know To Achieve Real Success Online" contains 14 chapters about exactly that. A lot of words, heaps of great advice. Indispensable.

Cost? Nothing!

Even if you never buy any of Paul Myers' offerings, his email newsletters are of very good value. There's a lot in them, and they're crafted in a way that online entrepreneurs can learn from.

If you've done everything, or almost everything described thus far, it's now time to get down to business.

So, let's conclude with TIME, PRODUCTS, AND ONLINE ASSETS


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