The Right Mindset - Part 2

Previously we looked at the need for planning and for eliminating all those pesky excuses that prevent people from starting their online venture. 

In this installment, let's look at ... 


Roadblock #1:  The initial learning curve 

In order to get through the learning curve roadblock you'll need to spend time researching your ideas and your plan. This means educating yourself on topics such as your niche, website or blog creation, sales letter writing, and opt-in list and relationship building. Initially, all you will need is a product (and I'll discuss more on this in a later part of this series), but there will come a time when a website and/or blog will be indispensable in terms of growing your business.

Roadblock #2:  Website traffic

Every new online business owner soon finds out that they need to understand about marketing. This means using multiple methods to drive traffic to a site. But what is "traffic"?

Put simply, it's just getting people to your site to see what you're offering. The hard part is to hold them there, to keep their attention. This could be the hardest part of all aspects of building an online business.

It's not dis-similar to creating a start-up offline enterprise. You have to let potential customers or clients know what you've got, and that what you have is what they need. It can be a service or a product, either way if people aren't coming through your door or contacting you for help, then the business will fail.

So, traffic to your website or blog is paramount. And no, you don't have to spend a fortune. There are dozens of proven ways to get traffic to your site, including paid advertising as well as a multitude of no cost strategies like article marketing, recruiting affiliates, joint ventures, forum posting, newsletter advertising, blog carnival submission ... the list goes on. 

There are at least 30 different ways to get traffic, so for now don't be concerned too much about getting visitors. The initial focus should be on creating your first product and getting it out into the marketplace where potential buyers can see it.

Roadblock #3:  Tempting distractions

Life is full of distractions, and guess which group of people are the most susceptible? It's not the oldies!

If you're a senior then you'd probably have distractions under control in comparison with a younger person whose life is a constant stream of temptations. 

Let's have a bit more of a look at this type of roadblock to success.

Constant distractions can lead you off-course and into dead-ends, unless you're very vigilant. Here's an online example. If you subscribe to newsletters or visit forums and blogs (which by the way are recommended methods to build knowledge and connect with potential customers or partners), you'll be exposed to frequent tempting distractions, to buy this product or that one, many of which will be on how to make money, how to get more traffic to your site, the next software that will leapfrog your efforts, and so on. These are time wasters unless they're kept in check by your discipline.

Some of these strategies could work, but for people with little experience, the big distraction can be the temptation to dive into income models before mastering their own plan. 

My advice ... stay focused on your main task. Once it is yielding a reliable income stream, only then should you investigate related business models.



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