The Right Mindset - Part 3

Identify your detractors

"Dream crushers" are the people who discourage others from trying to change their lives for 

the better. 

They are all around. They are the fearful ones (perhaps a partner, family member, or relative), 

maybe because of not wanting you to "lose" anything. They are also the jealous types (maybe 

a co-worker or friend), and they are the types who would prefer to stay on their narrow course 

in life, because to them it is the safest way not to try anything different, it is the easiest way to 


It is this resistance to change that afflicts many people, and is the fundamental reason why 

many problems of the world today, as in the past, are so intractable.

I want to alert you to these types of people so that you can see how (and why!) they could 

hold you back. Identifying them will allow you to take a course of action to steer around this 

type of potential negativity. 

Now, before we continue, here's an important thought to consider.

If your dream is to gain financial independence in your life, then the Internet is one of the best 

places to make it happen. Anyone can do this, but unfortunately many people fall into the 

trap of thinking that all they have to do is start their business and wait for the money to roll in. 

This is not how it works online. 

The key thing to understand is that you are building a business, and to make it successful 

there are certain actions that must be taken, and particular methods that must be applied.

Back to our topic.

How to overcome "Dream Crushers"

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Identify their motivation and understand that it's a human trait. Emphasize to your detractors that you can't give up on your goals because other people think they are unrealistic. Your goals are important to you for a reason, and you will only be happy when you achieve them. Maybe they will come around and see it your way.

checkbox type x 1Choose who you would rather spend most of your time with, and avoid those who are openly critical of what you're striving to achieve. Sure, there will be critics, but keep your goals and dreams in front of you all the time by writing them down. They will be your motivation when discouragement may rear its unwelcome head.

checkbox type x 1Finally, and most importantly, the best way to overcome the dream crushers in your life is to be confident in yourself and your goals. If you are truly confident in yourself and your ideas, then no one can stop you.

Now we turn our attention to a personal characteristic that is absolutely essential for your online business ... and for your successful self. What is it?

PERSISTENCE … the next in this series.


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