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THE ACTION GENERATOR is My Simple Action Map ... and it could be yours too!

It's a very elegant piece of software that simply frees-up more time in your day. It will boost substantially the number of things you can get done each day, all in a systematic way!

Here's The System ...

Three steps is all it takes.

1     Write down all the things you want to get done for the day.
       In your online business, this would be everything from writing, creating content, or planning your next  
       project to answering email, balancing finances.

2     Assign a specific time to each task or group of tasks.
       Anything from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Chunks of 30 minutes or less work the best.

3     Select a task, start a timer (like an egg timer), and focus on nothing but accomplishing that task.
       This means you don't answer the phone, don't get up for a drink, don't log on to Facebook - none of
       that. You remain focused on the task at hand.

Practice these three steps regularly and it will totally transform the way you get things done ... guaranteed!

Why does the system work so well?

Three key elements are used.

Right arrow in square box     An end-result or goal (each of your daily tasks). Our brains are wired for goals, big or small. Give your brain a goal and it immediately
          goes to work finding ways to achieve it.

Right arrow in square box

A specific time-frame or deadline (the time you assign each task). Once your brain has a goal, a deadline is the driver that motivates
          it to act. The shorter the deadline, the more responsive your brain gets.

Right arrow in square boxBelievability (the order and structure of the system). Instead of surrendering yourself to lame results because you see your day as 
          an overwhelming and uncontrollable mess, this system breaks your day into small, manageable chunks that you can easily see yourself
          achieving. When you believe you can, you will!

THE ACTION GENERATOR ... The Simple Action Map for busy people!

Everything in the system above is embedded in the software, but what RESULTS will you get?

No overwhelm - flip the action switch in your head from "NO" to "YES"

Laugh off procrastination

Sharpen your focus

Build unstoppable momentum

Open your brainstorming potential

Control your time instead of it controlling you

Find balance in your life

Make time for your dreams, and bring them to reality

Smash all those small, nagging tasks

Learn to accept that "good enough" is good enough, and cast away perfectionism

Control your intake of time wasters


Plan your day in less than 30 seconds ... Discover where your time is going ... See your day with more clarity than ever before ... Feel a stronger sense of accomplishment ... Let it be your full-time coach ... Spend more time using it and less time learning HOW to use it ...

And ... remember, your time is valuable. You already know this! 

But just think about what THE ACTION GENERATOR could do for your life. Could you get ...

plus sign greenmore money in your pocket?

plus sign greenmore time with your loved ones?

plus sign greenmore time enjoying your hobbies and passions?

plus sign greenmore time to help others and contribute to your special causes?

plus sign greenmore time to relax and enjoy life?

Regardless of everything you'll gain from THE ACTION GENERATOR, I want to get this software into as many hands as possible so that people can really feel what it's like to experience ever-lasting and profound change.

This software used to sell for $97 - that's how good it is. But the price today in the NTHB Store is just $37.

Here's what's in the package.

checkbox type x 1The Action Generator software (Windows or Mac)

User's Guide

"Simple Actions Make Big Results" ebook

Clarity Map - 3 steps to get things done

Clarity Map - How to hit your goals

You'll also get these valuable bonuses.

Simple Actions Make BIG RESULTS ... containing 23 proven strategies for helping you take more action each day.

Two brilliant Clarity Maps to guide you on getting things done and how to hit your goals.

Get Your Own ACTION GENERATOR Now … Available in Mac & Windows versions

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