A Concise System For Getting What You Want 

Map Your Goals book cover

Have you ever heard the remark about how some people spend more time planning a two-week vacation than they do planning their futures? There’s much truth in this. The exceptions are the truly successful people.

MAP YOUR GOALS GUIDE can be used by anyone regardless of age and disposition of life, and for any

You can use the ideas in this eBook for any system, and to achieve any goal you want. 

A big claim? Not really ... not when you apply every facet in this book.

Setting and achieving goals is about something more profound than creating change. It's about managing 

change, and putting your future completely in your control.

Follow all the steps and the Worksheets in MAP YOUR GOALS and you should then have a realistic, specific, detailed plan for achieving 

your biggest goal, and doing something you love. 

Apply everything you do in the Worksheets to create a work-at-home business. Use it to create and publish your first info-product. Use it to change your life. 

                                  In PDF ... includes 23 pages of WORKSHEETS

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