These two very attractive and informative maps will remind you about FOCUS and ACTION, and about how to get things done in the most effective way possible. "3 Steps To Get Things Done" and "How To Hit Your Goals" can be printed out and stuck in front of your eyeballs where you can see them each and every day.

Check them frequently, make the tasks a habit ... until results flow your way. 

These maps are at my companion website ...

What's in these two great maps?

Right arrow in square box"3 Steps To Get Things Done" contains 16 ways to take more action on everything you do in life, whether it's your online business or your personal life. It's also great for kids and teaches them about discipline, structure, and persistence.

Right arrow in square box"How To Hit Your Goals" is a beautifully presented map that is succinct in its message, and consists of 3 daily and 3 regular actions to drive your personal development. It's a great complement to "3 Steps To Get Things Done". 

Clarity maps

What's the price?

Here's the deal. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these maps goes to funding Kiva projects.

You may ask, what is KIVA? It's an organisation that has ordinary people like you and me who lend small amounts of money consistently to help people get ahead in life, or to get out of poverty. If you'd like to join my team, that would be fantastic.

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