How To Turn Your Skills Into Rewarding Assets

BringOnNewTimes book cover

Are you in new times? Just starting a new business? 

Want to start out online?

Confused about how and where to start?

Then here's your answer. "Bring On New Times" describes the essential elements to start a new business using your greatest asset - your skills.

It all begins in your head!

Examining aspects not easily found elsewhere, this eBook outlines various business models that can be used to suit your style, personality, and ethics. 

  • The “value chain”, the essence of building online assets, understanding how you leverage your time to build online assets, and goal setting are vital elements in the process described.

  • Knowing how to identify optimum opportunities using a SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis is one of the key concepts described in detail. Not many people talk about this essential tool. This is indispensible stuff if you're starting from scratch. But it's also valuable revision of your own business model if you've been established for some time.

  • You need to know which path to take to get maximum success for yourself and your business. 

  • The chapter on self-employment focuses on thinking long term, building your business around your interests, and identifying and confronting the negative aspects that inevitably arise.

  • The final chapter is a BONUS where there's a departure from the rest of the book. It takes everything presented previously and wraps it all into info-product creation. You're taken through setting up an eBook, given a product of your own to use however you choose, and concludes with several great ways to sell your eBook.  

It’s all there ... all in one concise volume. Here are the contents. 

This eBook has been produced in my own office, so you're assured that it's not some rehashed ebook. Just all content, great ideas and how-to, and no fluff and filler! Timeless stuff.


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