During your journey to an online work-at-home business, there will be a number of resources that you will need to turn to. This is essential. The wider you cast your net the broader the cross-section of ideas you'll obtain. 

This page contains a list of all sorts of material and sites to help you in your quest. The page will be updated and expanded frequently so keep coming back to get great resources for your entrepreneurial ventures.


Becoming Unstoppable ... by Paul Myers       Presented by New Times Home Biz

A short report on moving on from fears of failure and thereafter making new decisions.

Need To Know ... what you MUST know to achieve real success online ... by Paul Myers

100 pages of solid content and directional pointers from a guy who's been online since 1996. 


ecover software pro

This is a Windows 7 program which is downloaded and operated from your computer. For a 

one-time fee you can be up and running quickly. The learning curve is quite short, and all 

that is needed is to import your images to produce your ebook and report images. If you 

have a mac as I do, you’ll need to be able to run the program in a virtual machine.

online ecover generator

A simpler method is to use an online program, but with this one there’s a monthly fee. But, on 

the plus side it is very easy to use, the end-product is simply great, and you don’t need to 

worry about whether you have a PC or a mac; it is web-based.  

Online ecover generator has everything you’ll need to create high quality ebook cover 

graphics. You don’t really need to import images from another application. The monthly cost 

is $9.95.



Established in 2004, Tradebit is a marketplace, affiliate, and an e-commerce site where you 

can do either or both of the following. 

Sell your own products in your digital “store” on a subdomain at the Tradebit site. This 

is very important to understand because here you can have your own “site” presence for very 

little cost, and all that’s needed is basic understanding of how to set it up (more on this 


List your products and other vendor products for sale as an affiliate; links are then 

created that send buyers to your own site sales page and download page (if you have 

created them).

It’s highly recommended to go for the first option and set up a digital store; it’s the easiest 

and simplest to set up.


JVZoo is a relative newcomer to the world of eCommerce, having been launched in 

November 2011. It is an all-in-one provider for Internet marketers to sell digital or tangible 

products, and it also allows sellers to create an instant affiliate program for their products. 

Having an instant affiliate platform where others sell for you is a great advantage. You can 

add as many products (e.g. all your eBooks) as you like. JVZOO is packed with features, but 

a standout is the Instant Sales Page Generator, which allows you to create sales pages for 

your products. How good is that?


To sell in the Clickbank Marketplace you’ll need to become a Vendor, details of which are at 

Clickbank’s website

List your product in the marketplace and recruit affiliates to promote it. The additional 

requirement in being a Vendor is that a simple website or blog will need to be established to 

send buyers to. Look for Clickbank’s Vendor Checklist; it has all the requirements. 

The setup fee for selling on Clickbank is a one time payment of $49.95; then your eBook is 

ready in the Clickbank Marketplace for all to see, for you to receive sales payments, and for 

prospective affiliates to promote and sell your eBook for you. Clickbank handles all the sales, 

payments, and refunds (if any).



This is what I have used for this website; it's a Mac application, WYSIWIG, has very good 

flexibility, easy to use, can be updated offline, has SEO elements that are simple to include, 

and contains a blog component (this is essential for adding fresh content to your site). For all-

round simplicity, this is the one! I find it easier to use than XSitePro.

In my comprehensive explanation why I chose Sandvox, I created a Sandvox User Profile 

and a Sandvox Website Profile.



Having an autoresponder where your follow-up emails are sent out automatically, is an 

essential tool to establish a subscriber base and to keep in touch with them. There is a large 

amount of information and downloadable PDF’s on AWeber to assist you in any aspect about 

email marketing and list building. 


Cut and Paste Website Legal Forms

MAKE YOUR WEBSITE "LEGAL".  Assess what you have in terms of appropriate statements to 

protect yourself, your website or blog, and your business. This is critical to the long-term 

sustainability of your online business. Don't let it fail because of a slip-up or just being lax. 

Making your site "legal ready" is no different than taking insurances out for your car, home, 

your life.

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