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by Desmond Menz posted in Writing for Profit

For many years eBooks have been a significant part of an ever-expanding segment of the online business landscape. But in recent years the ebook market has entered a whole new era with the introduction of tablets and smart phones, faster internet speeds, e-readers, and the move to mobile marketing. 

Big businesses like Amazon, Google, Apple, Sony, and Barnes & Noble are all in on the action. They know where the money is.

What Does It Mean For You?

Opportunities! There’s money to be made ... top-up income for some, primary income for others.

If you’re in doubt about the potential to earn income as a writer and producer of eBooks, just do a search online ... type in “ebook sales”.

It’s been said “sales are expected to generate $9.7 billion worldwide in 2016, more than three times the $3.2 billion the category is expected to generate (in) 2011”. 

(Ref : http://mashable.com/2011/12/01/ebook-sales-10-billion-2016/)

That was last year, and in 2012 sales are expected to be significantly higher than in 2011. 

The growth in eBooks is phenomenal … so why not grab a piece of the action?


If you're convinced that you have what it takes to create a product that can sell, what do you write about? 

Have you looked closely to see what the opportunities are?

Write To Prosper

Have you already found a topic? 

To help you along, the following excerpt is from my eBook "Write To Prosper" (its available in the Store).

This excerpt is one part of 7 essential steps in the chapter "HOW TO WRITE YOUR eBOOK".

What do you start with? An idea.

Here are essential concepts that are an integral pillar to your writing business. 

Ask whether your idea is ...

  • popular at the moment
  • a need that is not met
  • an evergreen topic
  • a quick cash idea
  • a long-lost method
  • a transformation idea
  • a way to get others to sell for you
  • the next logical step
  • an instant solution 
  • a tipping point idea
  • an instant growth concept
  • a method that gets rid of a problem

There may be other types of product ideas, but here are some examples of topics that could fire up your interest. 

See if you can relate these to the concepts above.

  • home renovations, house energy efficiency, buying a home, house inspections
  • meditation benefits, aromatherapy, relaxation products, aerobics, exercise
  • backpacking, hiking, travel into the natural world, camping
  • horticulture, home gardening, bonsai, composting, permaculture
  • home business, blogging for profit, writing for profit
  • ceramics, quilting products, making paper, drawing
  • amateur radio, making online videos, photography, digital images
  • animal care, animal rescue, beekeeping, dog breeding
  • aged care, child care, helping disabled, genealogy

Any of these topics, and anything else of course, can be turned into an information product … an eBook, report, an email course, or perhaps turned into a newsletter or e-zine on a particular theme. 

This is the basis to starting your home-based business.

It’s over to you - have any ideas?

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