Real Reasons To Write

by Desmond Menz posted in Writing for Profit

It’s been said that writing is a skill, and that’s true for fiction writers. 

But for non-fiction writers, the likes of you and me, it’s not so much the skill that’s needed, it’s more about practice, research, layout, and knowing how to publish.

Oh yes … persistence is also needed. 

So, we need to keep writing, adding new content to a website or blog, and publishing new info-products. 

Writing and helping others to unlock their potential as a writer can be very rewarding. It’s for this reason that I wanted NTHB to be as creative as it can be and to demonstrate to others that they too can do the same thing. 

To do this you need to write ... and enjoy doing it.

Now, let's go to the question. 

Why you should write

I'm not necessarily talking about writing a novel, a piece of fiction, or a short story. If you have the talent to do this, go and do it. 

The best way to start writing as a business is to focus on non-fiction information products. These can be an eBook or a short report (say 15 or 20 pages), blog posts, or detailed website entries (such as you find at this website). Each of these can be monetized in some way, each can earn you an income.

So, what holds people back from writing? 

Why are there so many people who haven't understood the huge potential in creating and publishing their work based on their skills and knowledge?

Maybe it's just ignorance, maybe it's a fear of rejection, maybe it's a lack of confidence. 

Could it be "I don't care", or "the Internet is not for me". OK, that's fine, but there are some very solid reasons why people should write, or should get back to writing.

Expressing yourself is a great way of self-affirmation. It builds confidence and it allows the creative self to grow. 

It's great brain fodder too, specially if you're in the senior citizen class. And don't forget, it's also your democratic right!

We all express ourselves every day, unless of course we have a rare "silent" day. Expression is through the spoken word. Speech and general discussion are used in an extraordinary number of ways. 

We communicate to be friendly, to sometimes cajole, tell jokes, have idle chat, to explain, express our concerns, to describe, or to ask "how are you?" 

Recognize your writing potential

Few of us actually commit to writing and expressing our points of view, our skills, and our knowledge for the benefit of others. Are you in the majority who have not recognised the potential in your writings?

All this can change, and you can start today. Have a look at the following list. 

Can you commit yourself to doing several or a number of these?

  • Write to your local politician about your concerns for specific issues
  • Write to your local Council about the same
  • Respond to the call for submissions on particular concerns, then publish this on your blog or website, or write to your local newspaper saying what you've just done
  • Contribute to online forums
  • If you have a blog, use it, write on it regularly. If not, start one.
  • Post comments on other blogs
  • Submit articles to your local newspaper 
  • Write and publish short reports (5 + pages) for sale or to give away
  • Write and publish an eBook 
  • Begin an email series on your specific topic, start an autoresponder mail-out
  • Write digital books for publication on all the various platforms 

The list can go on, but there's enough there to liven you up! 

Note that I've excluded social network sites (e.g. Facebook). 

These can be used in different ways for marketing your written work, but in my view there's too much poor quality material being peddled as a "must have". The risk is that this stuff could overwhelm what you have to say. I could be wrong, but it's possibly worth testing. 

Do you have it in you?

What about you? Will you write? 

What will you write about? 

Start at the top of the list above and work your way through. 

If you decide to write and publish digital reports and eBooks, but you feel a bit "lost", don't despair. 

Check out these good resources here at NTHB …


cleandozens of articles at Writing for Profit and Info-Product Creation

cleanmy ebook Write To Prosper which answers all the questions of getting an info-product online.

But if you're still troubled with some of the other issues that hold people back from taking the BIG STEP forward to an online business, then Bring On New Times might just be your answer.

You'll never know until you have a go! Have a comment? Why not write it!

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