The Power of Habits and Repetition

By Des Menz posted in Writing For Profit

Extracting Yourself From The Vortex Of Distractions

If you think about the many distractions that unceasingly try to penetrate our daily lives, you would be forgiven for asking the question - how do we ever get things done?

There are daily assaults on our focus, on our use of time, and on our output. There are many external causes that affect each of these parameters. Some of these causes might be organisations wanting us to comply with social structures (e.g. filing tax returns and paying tax, paying bills, renewing licences); other causes might be people (e.g. family duties and responsibilities, friends in need); and others might be an employer seeking urgent results.

This is everyday life.

Have a look at the graphic below. There are constant tensions between "Distractions" and Time Management, Focus, and Output.

Look what feeds into these distractions. PEOPLE (whether they're in organisations or as individuals).

Can you can relate this graphic to your own situation? Can you identify what's happening to your time management, focus, and output?

If you have an online business, or are striving to build one, you might also have many other factors that assault your time. For example, courses on internet marketing, list building, info-product creation, website building, email marketing, products other marketers want you to buy … and on it goes! The list is huge. 


So, how do you get on top of all those evternalities that chip away at your focus, time, and output?

Develop Habits and Do Repeat Actions

Here at New Times Home Biz the objective is primarily on writing for a living. It can be any sort of writing - short reports, long reports, ebooks, articles, letters, manuals, guide books, email articles, instruction booklets, website content, blog posts … in fact anything requiring words of description and explanation.

Undoubtedly there is money to be made by selling your words, and if you want to know more, just go to the categories  Writing For Profit and Info-Product Creation, and read the articles.

In the article Self-Publishing The Proven Way a tried and tested system is described.

So, once you know what to create and how to do it, what should be done routinely to avoid all the those pesky distractions and stay focused?

Develop good habits. Write consistently every day, even if it's 500 words per day. 

1000 words daily is even better, because then you're building real momentum, and growing a good, long-term, sustainable business for yourself.

Is 1000 Words A Day Achievable? 

What's the most number of words you've written in a day? It doesn't matter if you can't remember, but just think about this. 

1,000 words a day for 10 days (say two weeks) is 10,000 words. You've then got yourself a decent size ebook or info-product.

By comparison, Write To Prosper has nearly 13,000 words that took me about two weeks of part-time writing to create. The ebook runs to 56 pages.

Even the latest report eBiz EYE On Working From Home, which is just over 5,000 words long and 21 pages, took only 3 days to finalise and that included all the graphics. 

So, write 1,000 words daily and do it repetitively at the same time each day. The best time is in the morning when your brain and thought processes are renewed from the day before, and before you get distracted by anything else. 

A good habit to get into is to do ALL your writing in the morning and do all the other business stuff in the afternoon.  

A Secret To Writing 1000 Words Daily

I've already mentioned two sources that would be very useful to attaining your writing goals.

Here's a third … 

Before I mention it, it needs to be said again that there are always advantages of being aware of the best tools and methods around to get those products of yours out into the marketplace and start getting some sustainable income. Even if you don't use these tools and methods right away, at least you'll know where to go when you're ready.

So, what's the secret? It's in this article On Private Label Rights.

Go … discover. 

And give that habit-and-repetition system of yours a big boost.

Let's finish off … how many words do you think are in this article? 620.

How long did it take me to write? 1 hour, including creating the graphic - it's not fast but it will do. But hey … I had to think a little as I was writing. 

What are you able to write each day? Let us know about how you manage distractions, and how quickly you can finish a book project.

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