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by Desmond Menz posted in Writing for Profit

Keywords ... it's been known for many years now that the right keywords have to be used in anything that's produced for online consumption if traction is going to be made in the market for your product or service. We're talking about website content, eBooks, reports, sales or landing pages, blog posts, articles, ads, and the like.

But times are now changing. Google is making sure of that. And it's all about having genuine content that is relevant, informative, educational. In other words, if you intend to have an online business of any sort then it has to be operated like a real business. I've got no bones with that, having operated my own offline business during the past 24 years.

be the author

In Be The Author That Google Wants You To Be I described why you must link your content to your Google+ profile. If you haven't linked your material yet, then I suggest you do it sooner rather than later.

But what about keywords. Are they still a dominant factor? Well, they are. It's what people type into a search engine that determines what comes up ... it's as simple as that. 

Enabling your Google Authorship is likely to help boost the click through rate (CTR) for long tail keywords. The big benefits will be for small niche-related sites to create and publish relevant content on a regular basis so that it shows up - or stands a better chance of showing up - in the Authorship snippet.

[Snippets are the lines of additional information near search results]

Here's a quote direct from Google.

A post to Google+ that include a link renders a preview, or snippet, that contains the page title, a brief description of the page, and a thumbnail image. These pieces of data are extracted from the shared URL's content in one of four ways ...

If you want to find out more, then go to the above link. 

However, the really important aspect for your content is your Author Rank. This will stay with you forever, whether you sell your website with all your content, or whether you retain it and continue to add value to it.

Increasingly today, your online business must be about creating content that your audience values and cares about, and providing resources to help them, and giving them information that they themselves would want to share around. Recall the Strategy of Pre-eminence I wrote about a few weeks back?

A few months ago, that very informative site SEOmoz, came out with this post. If all you do today is read, understand, and apply that, then you've achieved your day's work. 

By all means, implement Google Authorship and Author Rank. BUT ... BE CAREFUL!

How to destroy your Author Rank

I couldn't have put it more succinctly than what the SEOmoz post said. 

Do not do the following otherwise your AuthorRank will be destroyed ...

  • Publish content on blog networks.
  • Guest posting through guest blogging communities (of course, there are exceptions).
  • Writing content that’s keyword-stuffed or full of grammatical errors.
  • Submitting content to article directories.
  • Spinning articles.

Fortunately, I haven't done any of those. To me it's tedious and uninteresting, so I prefer to concentrate on content production. Yes, I know, some of the things like submission to article directories are mentioned in recent courses that many of us have been involved with. I've never been a fan of article spinning; that's just plagiarism dressed up in different clothes. It's low rank stuff.

But these types of activities shouldn't be the sole, and preferred, way of expanding a business network. 

I value my time highly, and I prefer to create information products to help people, and as a consequence I'm now directing my energy to increasing my Author Rank.

All I say is ... be aware, get educated, apply what Google wants you to do. There's no way around it.

Steps to optimize your content and ranking

cleanPlace social sharing buttons visibly on your site's content. 

cleanExpand your Google+ circles. Also, remind people to get into Google+ and encourage
          them to widen their circles.

cleanEncourage readers to share your content in their social networks. Share the content of

cleanMake connections. Have a presence on other social networks, particularly Facebook
          and Twitter.

cleanKeep creating quality content.

cleanBe active on Google+

cleanUpdate frequently your Google+ profile.

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