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Getting Re-Educated

What do leading online writers do?

What other leaders do

Re-education and a transition

The sun was setting on my traditional income. I could see it coming 10 years ago. 

Back then I could see a time when I wouldn't be able to rely totally on my offline income to provide an adequate income. 

Adequate income? What's that anyway?

Every person has their own definition of "adequate income", and what's adequate for one person might not be adequate for another. But let's put that to one side.

Back in those earlier years I began a journey, an online writer's journey. I was an "internet marketing" infant, as anyone is when they tackle a new venture online.  But we all have to start somewhere. Even the big guns today started from very humble beginnings.

So, what did I do?

I devoured many publications that were available on the 'net. Many I discarded, because truthfully they weren’t educating me. 

It’s so easy to pick up a cheap ebook thinking that there’s going to be some value in it, no matter how small that value might be. But there’s always a cautionary note to heed. 

Picking the difference between hype, hope, and help is what sets apart a good product from an ordinary one.

Cheap does not mean useless, but generally cheap stuff is pushed out by the scrambling marketer to build a list of some sort, or to get a few sales here and there. That type of marketer then moves on to the next cheap product to push.

And then there’s the higher priced publication. 

One of my first bigger purchases on ebook writing and publishing was back in 2006 and it cost $67. They were the days when prices like that were asked, and paid. But this ebook was from someone who had been in ebook publishing since the latter 1990’s. 

Was it worth it? Absolutely. It was good education. The value in that ebook were all the evergreen strategies, the style used by the writer, and of course it was one of those publications that has been updated since. But only twice.

In 2008 I made a second valuable purchase.


This ebook has been around for more than 10 years and is continually updated by Jim.

This is what I’m doing with WRITE TO PROSPER. I want it to get a life of its own, and so it will expand as new ideas and techniques come along.

What do leading online writers do?

They follow a formula. 

If you want to write for profit, here’s what the leaders do in a nutshell.

cleanIdentify a niche that has a sustainable market; by sustainable I mean a market that will be around for years. An example is home gardening, but remember, even within that niche there are many sub-niches that you could get your creative side into. Other examples are genealogy, ethical investing, model plane building … just think, and answers will come.

cleanDiscover what the needs, wants, and problems are of that market. This is all about research and establishing the potential success of your project. Ask in your local community, go to online forums and engage, look at news groups and social media. You could try Google Trends for discovering what people are searching for. 

Here’s another start … Write Something That Sells 

cleanWrite the book that satisfies these needs and wants, and solves those problems. Focus on your readers, use their language, and communicate in a way that is easily understood. Provide value for money so that your reader is not disappointed with the money they’ve just handed over to you.

cleanMarket your product directly to your niche market. This is the tricky bit, and the most time consuming. If you ahave a blog, write about your publication and use the keywords that your potential buyers are entering into search engines. Use Google Keyword Tool.

Now, back to Silent Sales Machine, which I highly recommend whether you’re beginning an online venture or seeking a range of strategies that will extend the scope of your business. It’s a bargain at just $5.

Jim Cockrum talks a lot about multiple income sources, and the model he uses is what he calls CES - Consult, Expand, Sell (see Chapeter 3).

The “Expand” part is what this article you’re reading now is all about. “Find a profitable niche market, be a leader in that niche and give your followers fantastic content …”

Jim is a leader, and he has built his online business by hard work and persistence. These characteristics are fundamental for any business and any undertaking.

What other leaders do

I’ve always strived to provide content of value here at New Times Home Biz. I also seek to become a leader of sorts in what I do by writing on other topics that I have a deep interest in, and presenting them in a number of other places.

This is one strategy that you can do to elevate your writing credentials. 

I'm now going to reveal a couple of publications that I have found very useful. I hope you do, too, if you decide to click these links.

BTW - these are affiliate links, so if you click on them I'll get a commission. No extra cost to you of course.

oneThe first is by Marlon Sanders … The Writer's Secret

This ramps out at 159 pages. There's a lot in it, but it goes to show that you'd never be idle in earning a living online … or at least, learning about how to make a buck!

Although written in 2010, it's still evergreen. Marlon is an old timer in Internet marketing, and basically he’s a salesman. He knows how to sell. But what’s in that ebook is mighty valuable, much like what Jim Cockrum’s ebook is.

There’s one common thread that these guys, and all others like them, have.

They emphasise … Write and sell to a target market (your niche).

This is how I’ve learnt. 

So the message is … read and apply what experienced and successful people have done and are still doing.

If you think you can’t get it all from an ebook, then perhaps you’re not reading the right material.

twoThere’s one more I want to alert you to. Remember, we’re talking about writing for a living.

I’ve described KINDLING previously, but it’s worth repeating.

This is a complete course by Geoff Shaw on writing and publishing on the Kindle platform. It’s brilliant. 

Remember the multiple sources of income I mentioned at the beginning?

Kindle provides another outlet to sell your info-products. And that is exactly what I’m doing.

A Final Word

It’s a fact of life that 99.9% of people follow what others decree for them. It’s unavoidable. 

Aside from having to follow what others want of us, those of us seeking new times - maybe a breakout job, a new life, another way of earning income - will need to follow leaders at some stage. 

It’s about re-education, retraining the brain, and setting the mind to that new way.

There will come a time when you might think it’s your time to become a leader. It will be a natural progression.

And when it happens you’ll be able to look back on those who have influenced you the most, and take what you’ve learnt and apply it to your role as a leader.

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