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In Real Reasons To Write I described many aspects about where, what, and how you could write, and at the same time create a new outlet for yourself. It was all about expressing yourself to the world, letting every one know about your skills and knowledge, and to gain a following. 

This is income generation and business building. 

A One Man/Woman Band! Powerful. Independent. Ethical.

This was then followed up with Write Something That Sells where I described HOW to start your eBook empire. 

It all starts with an IDEA.

And then 37 ever-green potential info-product topics were listed. Now, 37 topics or subjects is just a tiny fraction of what you could write about, but I just wanted to get your imagination going. 

As I wrote previously, it's always a good strategy to go back over some of your previous work to see if it's still relevant, to check for mistakes, or to see if it could'nt be improved.

So, let's do a bit more of that now. Here's some quick revision about getting started in writing your ebook or report to start your online business.

How to decide what to write about

Before we get going, we're talking about the simplest way that you can get something, anything, into the market to sell - ebooks and reports. 

So, here are 3 quick steps to get you started.


Decide what your ebook or report will be about. Now, there's one thought you have to get out of your head, and here it is. 

DO NOT think your skills and knowledge can't be put into an ebook or report, or that you don't have enough expertise or flair to write something that can sell. That’s definitely not the case!

But if you're in that mindset, go through this free ecourse Success is how you think - it's all about getting the right mindset.

OK, let's continue.

What was your previous job? 

Or if you've had a number of jobs, what were your experiences?

What was it about them that was different, or solved a problem, or created a buzz?

For example, if you’ve been a teacher you can write an ebook teaching first-year teachers how to be successful either in the classroom or out of it. 

If you've been involved with finances in your job, you can write an ebook that ordinary folk can use to learn how to manage their finances. 

What if you've been involved in the building industry? You could write about any of the dozens of topics about construction, design, materials, methods, unique systems.

Similarly, if you've been a nurse, a great niche to write about is aged care.

All you need to do is brainstorm an idea. Have confidence in what you know. And then start … one word at a time.


Focus on the notion that everyone has a book or report in them - yes, that's you. Consider what skills or experiences you have had that could be transferred to words that sell.

Think about how you can frame your product for maximum effect, how you can make a difference to other people, how you can build a reputation from your skills and knowledge. Importantly, find out what is likely to sell well. For a reminder, go to the free e-course eBook Biz. Go through What To Sell (Part 2) for more ideas.


Make sure there is a market for your information. Although it's possible to write successfully about one of your interests, you'll need to check that it's an in-demand product. Don't spend your valuable time creating an info-product that nobody wants.

A good way to do a quick test is to go to well-known marketplaces and see what's selling. Here are a couple of great sources. I've described these and more in Write To Prosper.      Search for the “...for dummies” books. These books are targeted toward very popular markets, and include information products written on topics that people are desperate for solutions on or are passionate about. The chances are good that if a dummies book has been written on the topic, it might also sell well as an eBook.

Then search through the other titles in your niche to see what's selling. Go to the "Books" category and enter your subject keyword(s). That will result in a drop-down list of related topics. Now, this list can give you some great additional ideas.

If you click on a book title you'll be able to get a lot more information about that particular subject. For example, Amazon Best Sellers Rank, and rank in various sub-categories.     Go to the Marketplace and type into the search box what your proposed idea is. For example, if you're writing about "renewable energy", check to see if similar products are selling. Also, check the types of products that are top sellers in other Categories. If you see similar products to your idea, then that's a good sign for your ebook or report.

As a quick rule-of-thumb, a book with a gravity of more than 20 is one that's starting to gain momentum, and if it's getting up around 100 then there's some serious popularity coming into play. But don't be fooled by the numbers. It's likely that the higher the gravity the greater will be the competition. 


       The Ideal Info-Product     Be The Author That Google Wants You To Be

          Beware of Registered Trademarks       The Lowdown On Keywords

Another test for your idea is to type in a related phrase into your Google search bar. Do ads appear on the right-hand side for your topic? If so, the chances are pretty good that you can sell a product in this market, since people are paying for advertising.

Yet another quick test is to look on relevant forums at what people are discussing about your particular niche subject. Just search for "Forums on … (your subject)". If you can't find one, try widening the search term.

Finishing Off

This post is just a reminder about how you can change your life by writing. 

Many people might be deterred from writing an ebook or report if they truly don’t think they have saleable knowledge or skills on a topic. Don’t let this happen to you.

It's very easy to research a niche topic online. If you have an idea, go … look! 

Keep your eyes and ears open, and look for opportunities. Look for ideas and information that will complement your big idea.

And remember, Write To Prosper is your blueprint for getting started.

You never know, you might find something that fires up your interest so much that you'll begin a crusade of your own.

In doing so, and in researching and learning as much as you can about that idea, you could easily create your own information product. 

THAT is grasping an opportunity. Don't let it go.

What do you think, and what action have you taken in writing your own ebook or report?

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