How To Become A Good Writer

In this article 

  • Proof-read your writings
  • Force yourself to write
  • Avoid writing for profit all the time
  • Good writing involves time and work

It's obvious isn't it? The single most important skill any of us need for communicating online is … to write. 

And to write well. Sure, there's the spoken word in the form of a video, but even that needs a good script to follow.

Whether it's in your info-products, ebooks, reports, emails, on your website or blog, in comments on other blogs, anywhere where you'd like your presence to be known - your writing skill is paramount.

Even if you avoid writing and get ghost writers to produce your stuff, or if you use PLR material as a foundation, or you outsource your work, there's one essential action you must do. Proof-read!

Proof-read Your Writings


To proof-read well, there are several key factors involved;

  • correct grammar
  • sentence structure and flow
  • relevancy of the written work
  • order of the written content

Apply these simple rules whether you're proof-reading your own work or other sourced work, and you will become a better writer. Or more specifically, and more importantly, the work that is under YOUR NAME will become a better product.

More about this is at A Short Guide On Proofreading

Remember when we were all learning about language and communication in school? Our teachers (and parents) were applying what every sports-person goes through. Practice.

So, the more you write the better you will become at writing. 

But it's also more than that.

Force Yourself To Write

To become a good writer it is essential to read other works such as books, articles, newspapers, magazines, editorials, in any sort of medium. 

Wherever the written word is delivered - and it can be audio and video presentations - examine how and what you would do to equal or improve it. 

Look at the structure, the power of words, the impact.

I'm not a fiction writer. I produce non-fiction info-products. Sometimes I go into territory where I've not been before. Here's an example.

In recent weeks I've started a new website (well, it's a blog) to expose the failings of leaders in our society. 

I'm deeply concerned about the issue of climate change action (or as in my country's case, a reversal of action), so instead of just talking amongst friends about it, I thought I'd try something different. 

letter envelope

If you want to have a quick look, click this link --> LetterstoLeaders

It's only a start, but it allows me to express myself, and my writings are on the web for all to read, and for all time. 

Although this site relates to my own country, I have also registered the dot com version of the domain, and that will become a future project. 

Maybe there's a book in those writings and the replies that are elicited.

There's a lot in the world that needs writing about, and not just on social media, which is a rather clipped way of expression. Social media tends to attract abbreviated conversations that make little or no impact on the state of the world. 

But the written word does, if it is put into a story. And that's the whole point of writing.

Try to make a difference.

Have you got a passionate subject you'd like to write about?

Let's take this a step further.

Avoid Writing For Profit All The Time

Writing something that you know you won't profit from - now that's a departure from making money from your writings! 

Isn't that what a lot of bloggers do? Create content for free? Spend their valuable time just to keep feeding the search engines? Or to keep their readers interested?

Well, it's true. A lot of bloggers do that, a lot of businesses continually push out content, and of course there are all those countless marketers - the work-at-home types - trying to eke out an income as an affiliate.

There comes a time when it's refreshing to get away from all that and pursue a different sort of writing. 

Have you done that?

Have you thought about taking up a cause, perhaps something you're passionate about, and write to whomever or whatever organisation to try to make a change?

To make a change for the better … to get a better outcome for a cause… to express your personal views … to give a voice to a neglected issue. 

Too often, many of us stay silent about an injustice, or a wrong, or a dis-service, or a poor decision by a government. Sure, there are ways to express a view online, such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, but these have their limitations. 

Other online international organisations such as Avaaz and, and here in Australia, GetUp!, provide a means to give a collective voice to particular concerns.

But again, they are limited because if you have something to say that can't be expressed in just a few words or several lines, then your real message is lost. 

As part of a collective, we're invited to sign a petition and to add a voice to a rising tide of disenchantment, or to help a cause of a person in great need of the collective voice.

Good Writing Involves Time And Work

Tackling a subject like I've just described, forces you to do some research, form your own viewpoints, discuss these views with others, before it's finally put into your own words.

This is what makes a better writer. Practice.

It also allows you to put some passion and belief into your work. 

Whichever way you look at communication, there's no getting around the fact that it takes work, awareness, and brain dumps! But it can be very rewarding. Writing is the simplest way to sell.

And remember, Write To Prosper gives you a blueprint to get there.

Have your say. When was the last time you wrote a letter to express your opinions?


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