The Author That Google Wants You To Be

by Desmond Menz posted in Writing for Profit

I'd hazard a guess that more than 80% of what I consume on the Internet is text-based. The other 20% is images and video.

I know that more than 90% of what I present (at this point in time) at my various websites, sales pages, and info products is ... text. 

The products I've produced are predominantly text with a sprinkling of images throughout them.

In 2013 this is going to change ... I'll be adding video content, and I'll be adding video as courses. And these courses will not be anything to do with writing; they'll all be about another of my passions! 

But, I digress.

Authorship and AuthorRank

      Google Authorship

If you write and publish words on the Internet - which you do if you Blog, write articles, eBooks or other info-products - guess what now happens?

Google will rank you as an "author". It's called Google Authorship and you can read all about it at Google's website

It's become clear that there's been a lot of weeding in the Google garden. All the garbage, weeds, and unwanted stuff has been pulled out and only the good stuff remains. 

So if you're the author of all that great material that Google wants to see grow strong and remain healthy, then keep focusing your efforts on letting Google know about your plants - your links back to your content.

The rewards will be higher rankings in search results and you'll stand out from the rest of the burgeoning crowd.

Google Authorship is a feature of Google Plus, the social network, and what you can now do is link your published work with your Google + profile, thereby establishing authenticity and your authorship. Your content will then attain higher value.

How does it work?

Link your content to your Google + profile. If you haven't set your profile up then this is what needs to be done before anything else. An important part of the process is uploading a face shot of yourself. This becomes a bit like a digital signature. Other components of your profile should also be completed.

Google Authorship uses your profile (your digital identity) to establish your links to your websites as the content author. If you actually have a digital signature, then anything you publish with it will be associated with your identity. 

So, if you have a blog, or write articles, or write white papers with your Google Plus profile, then this will extend your online reputation, build your Google Plus network, and increase your rank in search results.

This is a must-do

Verifying authorship of your content can be done in either of the following ways.

cleanLink your content to your Google+ profile using a verified email address. Ideally, the email address should be on the same domain as your content, but if not, then there's an alternative procedure.

cleanCreate a link from your webpage to your Google+ profile, then add a reciprocal link from the profile to the website.

Precise details about this are shown at Google Webmaster Tools.

But there's more ...

Recently I received an email from a well-known IM'er saying "Google gears up to crush Facebook". Well, I don't know about that, but what I do know is that Google has been quietly designing a whole new approach to business social networking. You see, Google Plus has been built for business, not like Facebook which has its origins on a college campus. Even though it's used by business it wasn't designed for business. 

And that, dear friends, is the BIG difference. There are a whole new suite of tools that will become available. You might be using a few of the Google social media tools already, but there are more on the way ... and they'll be free to use.

So, if you want to get a head-start, then you can't afford to miss Google Fastlane Plus - the ultimate guide to building and marketing your business with GooglePlus.

[That's an affiliate link. I've bought this package myself, and I have to say it is absolutely great value. Your business will benefit enormously].

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