Why you need Goals

by Desmond Menz posted in Work, Life, and Yourself

I'll start by mentioning about my first great introduction to GOALS. 

We all go through life setting some sort of goal, or maybe a few goals. Perhaps you've 

succeeded in accomplishing a major life goal, like running a marathon, or purchasing your 

first house, or graduating in a course of learning. They all take staying power.

But then there are others that are sort of like "New Years eve resolutions" - they start with 

great intentions but fizz very quickly. 

My first really solid - and I mean deep - understanding of why I needed goals, happened 

when I was studying for a post-grad diploma in management 30 years ago. Yes, that's some 

time ago now, but what I learnt about were processes, theories, systems, leadership, human 

resource development, organizational structures, decision-making, and so on. It seemed like 

there was a lot of theory, but much of it was founded on practical observations that were 

tested over time.

All these aspects were (and are) applicable to every business, every organisation, every 

government ... and should be applied by every individual. 

Where were the Goals?

Here's the surprise ... What struck me in my course back then was that there was minimal 

discussion on Goal-setting. Or at least it appeared that way. The establishment of pathways 

to the end-result seemed more important than the end-goal. 

So I reasoned that Goal-setting was pivotal in management if ever outcomes were going to 

be measured. 

It was a process that was important, and accordingly goal-setting was the underlying 

motivation behind every action in management.

But it became clearly apparent that defining goals was a necessary starting point in dealing 

with management problems, whatever form they came in. Working backwards from the goal 

brought into stark relief the terrain that lay ahead in problem-solving. 

So, that's why we all need skills in setting goals. It doesn't matter what activity or business 

you're involved in, at some point it is (or should be) necessary to establish and write down 

goals. And it needs to be done collaboratively, all participants need to be included.

Managing change

Now, setting and achieving goals is about something more profound than creating change. 

It's about managing change, and putting your future completely in your control.

Have you ever heard the remark about how some people spend more time planning a two-

week vacation than they do planning their future? There’s much truth in this. The exceptions 

are the truly successful people.

In managing change and setting goals, the one great question is - WHAT DO YOU REALLY 


If you want to start a home-based business, or an online business, this is one question that 

needs a response. For many people this is a difficult question to answer, because they really 

have little idea of why they need goals. Their primary aim is to "earn money". But that's not a 


Goals give you a purpose in life, they give direction, and they give clarity. And of course, if 

you work towards your goals, rewards will come your way.

This is why you need GOALS.

How To Achieve Your Goals is another step along the chain of success and happiness.

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