Getting Content

Are you ready? Do you want to know the simplest way to get articles? 

And then how to re-purpose those so that your voice is the one that rings out?

Get together 5 or more articles. Write them yourself, or rewrite quality articles that you can get from a reputable private label rights source.

Want more information on PLR? 

This report has all that you need to know to produce quality content.

Get more details in the NTHB STORE.

Add these articles to your email autoresponder. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. If you think the articles you plan to write will be very useful to friends and others in your email address book, or on facebook or other social media connection you have, then send a courteous email asking if you could send something that you think might interest them. If they say “no” then that’s OK. You’ll most likely get a few people who would like to know what you’re up to.

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