Make your new times

by Desmond Menz posted in Work, Life, and Yourself

Make your new times. 


Have you ever thought hard about that? 

Seriously hard. 

Most people don’t change course in their lives because it’s just too 


Or it’s just far too confusing to contemplate.


Maybe time is the real enemy, because it takes time to make new times.

Big decisions are needed.

True, people can re-boot their lives by changing jobs, and in a sense that’s making new 


But how long will it last? 

A change of town is a big new start, but the newness won’t last long. 

You see, people want familiarity in their lives, so they construct connections and relationships 

to reinforce that familiarity. They want certainty, so they develop daily habits that underpin 

that certainty.

Most people don't want to take RISKS, and so ...

"The more things change the more they stay the same"

Look at governments, be they local, state, or federal. In your time as a voter, what have 

governments done that has been so remarkable that the course of society has changed? 

Can you think of anything? Just one thing. 

Yes, a world war has changed the course of history, and the lives of all those involved have 

changed also. 

The destiny of nations has changed. War made sure of that.

But ultimately, people still do the same thing. 

Alexander the Great wanted to conquer the world as it was in his time, and here we are today 

with people who still want to do the same thing. Conquer the world!

Take religion. For a couple of thousand years people have got very riled over religious 

differences, and millions have been killed because of these differences. It’s still happening 

today. Why? For what purpose? For what gain?

For thousands of years, people have traded with other peoples from very distant parts of the 

globe. Goods travelled huge distances by land or by sea to their destination markets. It still 

happens today.

And so ...

People don’t change, technology changes 

In everything people do in their lives as individuals, they are entwined in a complex web of 

control involving governments and corporations, where there is scarcely an exit. Now, this is a 

heady statement, and I’m not implying any Orwellian subterfuge, but it is a fact. 

You work to earn to live and to pay taxes to governments and to pay money to 

corporations that lend you money in the belief that they are helping you get ahead in 


Life on credit.

Your tax money is spent on weaponry that kills, your money is given as subsidies to farmers 

and industries that fail, your money is given to organizations (e.g. sports) to build edifices, 

your money is dispensed to the needy and to people on pensions. 

You spend your money on things that allow you to survive, to enjoy, to consume, to share, to 


Who is in control of your life? You, a government, a corporation?

This is life.

And in a world where the human population has increased staggeringly from just over 2 

billion to more than 7 billion during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

... and where mega-cities and ordinary cities are bulging to breaking point

… and where new cities built on petro-dollars rise out of baked sand and ever higher into the 


... and where there are millions of tonnes of plastic floating around on the ocean currents

... and where the collapse of a single mega corporation in 2008 caused a “global financial 


... and where the failings and profligacy of a small European government was pivotal in 

deciding the fate of many others in 2013

… and where the extraction of fossil hydrocarbons continues on a scale like never before

... and where action on the impacts of these fossil materials on global climate is all but lost in 

the mist of time, for no other reason than for economic development and mega-profits

… and where the destruction of the natural environment by humans continues unabated

… and where species extinction is happening before our eyes, but with scarcely a sign of 

preventative action from the collective governments of the world

... and on and on it goes! 

This is life ... on this planet.

We all live for our own life time. Governments do that too, it’s just that their lives are very short. 

Very few governments leave a legacy of lasting change. Their lives are short, and are 

confined to the electoral cycle.

Very few individuals leave a legacy of profound influence.

What about you? 

Are you able to determine, or to alter, the course of your life ... if you wanted to? 

Could you profoundly affect others? 

Could you bring greater harmony to a society pulsing with an increasingly aggressive beat? 

Could you, or would you want to, connect with your greatest passion in life? 

Could your great passion, or your greatest interest, change the course of your life, to make 

your new times, for the better?

If you really, really, want to make your new times, then focus. On goals. On your own goals.

It’s as simple as that. 

Clarity will come.

Map Your Goals Guide ... the start of your new times. 

In the next post, I'll discuss getting your goals in greater detail. I look forward to your 


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