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It doesn’t matter whether it’s the beginning of a new year or part way through it. Any time is a good for reflection on the past and for planning of times ahead.

Path Sign

Which direction should be taken?

Is there a new path or opportunity opening up?

Should consolidation of existing activities take place?

Is everything that's being done fitting with key principles and objectives? 

Reflections and progress

searching white

I often reflect on my online business and other online activities (I have a conscience site that digs into sustainability in my home state of South Australia). I examine all that I'm doing to see if my principles and ethics haven't been compromised (well, not too much anyway). 

It's a very useful task because it's a good reminder of the aspects discussed in About You. It also requires a dose of honesty and a bit of courage. Why courage? 

Because if we examine all that we would like to do, and all the income we would like to have, it really comes down to how UN-selfish we are or would like to be, and how much we share with others. It's also about "staying the course" and sticking with plans and strategies under adverse conditions, but also having the courage to change course when things just aren't working out. 

Sound familiar?  

Think about life right now. What would you really like to do? What would you CHOOSE to do if you were unshackled from debt, obligations, commitments, and duties? What have you PLANNED to do for 2013? Will your plans be balanced, purposeful, and un-selfish? 

In 2012, I did something I wanted to do but for various reasons put off doing for years. I stopped work, stopped my internet business development, stopped earning income ... took time out, and lived a life unshackled by the so-called necessity to get money. Together with my wife, we lived a dream to travel around Western Australia. It was cathartic, and very cleansing to the soul. 

No newspapers, no TV, no bad news. 

I slo-o-o-wed down, and it made me re-focus on what I needed to do and what I really wanted to do. I re-examined what I wanted to get out of my life and on the things that really matter. More on that a little later.

Sometimes we need to take time out and think about ourselves and where we fit into this chaotic world. To make a difference, and to make adjustments to our lives that put us back on our own track of principled and ethical living.

To not think about self

Have you ever been in a situation where all you could think about was "how much money I can make" from such-and-such a venture? Be honest now. Most of us have been there; all we were thinking about was SELF.  

This is not a sustainable model to conduct business; in fact it's a recipe for failure! 

Temptations abound in massive numbers on the Internet; you know, all those offers that spruik huge incomes, or massive traffic generation, or how to build a list with push-button ease. The diet of one offer after another is filling the web with junk. Discipline is needed to just forget about that sort of trash. And a huge dose of skepticism about "making money online". But I stray from my point.

In business it's nice to earn income, but MAKING MONEY is a diversion from what really matters most, of what Jay Abraham calls "The Strategy of Pre-eminence". Money will follow when the element of "self" is pushed to the background and the focus is placed on ... you guessed it ... the client.

Think about what Jay is talking about in this video (stick with it because it's 31 minutes long).

This is a timely reminder about how we should present ourselves and our online businesses to potential clients. Clients ... not customers! Clients come first and foremost. After all, if you were a client (which you have been at various times in your life) you would want to be treated as though you were at the centre of everything thaqt you were a client for.

A re-focus strategy

In recent days I've received emails from a couple of guys (long-time Internet Marketers) who I respect greatly. One touched on how he's cutting down on Facebook time, focus on fundraising and awareness about his vitally important offline work, and closing down most of his current online projects. 

THAT is re-focusing! Getting back to manageable size activities, and setting goals. 

Sand Clock

These are precisely what is in my eBook Map Your Goals Guide.  

One of the stunningly simple tools to help with this is THE ACTION GENERATOR - what I call MySAM ... My Simple Action Map - a system that will allow you to re-capture more hours in your day, more days in your week, and even more weeks in your year. 

It's a clever piece of software that you install on your computer and is a task and time-based generator that has among its many benefits the following features - sharpens focus, creates momentum, finds balance in life, controls time, avoids procrastination, allows responsive brainstorming.

The second email was rather gloomy to start with, but then finished on a positive note. The gloomy bit was about very human concerns that affect us all - global climate change impacts, wars, extinctions, and everything that goes with them. 

For me, climate change is (and has been for more than 25 years) an area of great interest, and I'll be having greater involvement in this subject this year, and beyond. 

I want to make a difference. What I do is write, and connect with people. This will continue through 2013.

Getting Those Projects Off The "To-do" List

And ... a long-time-in-the-making project about my journey to sustainable living will be online. 

This is a very different project to New Times Home Biz, but it's where my heart really lies. It's a story about building in strawbale, solar power, self-sufficiency in water, building and using a composting toilet, reedbed wastewater treatment, permaculture, farm forestry, land rehabilitation ... and more. It's also about working from home, which is the foundation for this website.

Whatever anyone thinks about the state of the world today, we still have to get on with life. Find a way to have an effect, make a difference, be the change you want to see (as Mahatma Gandhi once said). Show by example. Be ethical. 

And when it comes to your home business in 2013, set clear goals, monitor them, use proven tools to help you focus on your tasks, and apply the Strategy of Pre-eminence.

Results will surely come your way.

What have you planned for 2013? Are you organised? Do you have a plan? Do you have a project that you've been procrastinating about for a while? 

Do you want to write for a living? If so, then maybe Write To Prosper is your ticket.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts ... how about leaving them below. 

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