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By Des Menz posted in Work, Life, and Yourself

NTHB is going to be around for a long time. It’s a commitment that I made when I first began this site.

NTHB is about education and providing really useful ways for people to do a bit, or a lot (depending on goals) of work and earn an income from their efforts.

If you’ve had a good look at the BLOG you’ll know that there are 9 categories around which a lot of articles have been written. These are about your personal success and how to take your skills and knowledge and use them to create products that you can sell. 

This is called creating a business. A home business.

There’s a lot more to creating a home business than we might think, and some of the contributing factors include mindset, how we make decisions, what to do to keep a healthy mind and body, life balance, perspective, attitude … and many more.

In WORK, LIFE, AND YOURSELF a 5-part series has been written with three key objectives in mind. Before we get to those, here are the articles in the series;

     Getting The Optimist’s Edge

     7 Steps To Creative Thinking

     How To Be Creative

     What Innovation Can Do To Your Life

     What Can A Positive Attitude Do?

The Purpose And Process Of The Articles

These articles have been written to demonstrate what you can do in your niche. So the main purpose is;

  • to get you to think, write, and take action
  • use them to help others

The processs involves;

  • adding the articles to an email autoresponder
  • adding them as content to a blog
  • converting that content into a digital report or book 
  • adding the digital product to marketplaces
  • monitoring the progress and sales 

3 Main Objectives

The 5-part series has the following aims;

1.   To help you the reader, and to also give you the opportunity to share and discuss with
      others the content. Could you make your own version of the articles?

2.   The benefits of adding these articles to a blog. It’s mostly about constantly add 
      content to your blog and keeping it in front of the search engines. This is what has
      been done here at NTHB BLOG.

3.   To take those 5 articles and create a digital product - it could be a Kindle product that
is placed on Amazon. I'll also show how this "product" can earn some income in other

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Let’s Get Going

By following the sequence of articles you will get the greatest personal benefit.

But is doesn’t stop there. The third objective is described in detail after that.

You might be surprised at what is ultimately created.

START NOW with Getting The Optimist’s Edge

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