How to achieve your Goals

by Desmond Menz posted in Work, Life, and Yourself

In terms of your life, or your business, what future do you want?

If your life could be anything you wanted it to be, what would it be right now?

  • Where would you live?

  • Who would your friends be? What kind of people would you like to spend your time


  • How would you spend your time, if you could be doing anything at all that you wanted?

  • What would you eat? Wear? Listen to?

  • Would you work? If so, what would you do? If not, what would you do?

  • What do you want to learn? To know? To be?

  • Where would you like to vacation? What would you do?

  • What else would be a part of your perfect life?

WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS ... you must do this, because it's been proven that those who 

write their goals are far and away more successful than those who don't. There's an example 

in my ebook MAP YOUR GOALS GUIDE, about a study conducted at Harvard University 

many years ago that illustrates the power of writing things down. Do it! You wouldn't go 

grocery shopping without a list would you? 

In the procedure I map out in MAP YOUR GOALS GUIDE the next stage is Clearing Away The 

Clutter. These are all the things that you don't really need and most likely have never thought 

about in the past.

Don't spare any of them. 

If your life contains stress, and your time is consumed by things you don't enjoy doing, the 

chance of getting where you want to be can be significantly reduced. If you somehow 

managed to get to your desirable end-point despite those things, then carrying them with you 

will inhibit you from enjoying your goals.

The next step involves listing all your life's connections - your contacts, financial resources, 

technical resources, skills, interests, activities, character traits. List them all down because 

you'll need to understand completely what your position in life is.

Define Your Big Goal

Pick the biggest, most important, most exciting goal from the lists that you've created so far. 

As an example, if your big goal is to become financially independent by starting an online 

business using your accumulated skills and experiences (this is the fundamental purpose of 

New Times Home Biz), then these are the questions you’ll need to ask.

Take a look at your big goal.

  • What do you require to make your big goal happen?
  • Is there some way you can shorten the process? 

  • What do need to compromise with, or trade off, along the way? 

  • Who can you learn from to find these things out?

Take a few minutes and think about these things. Write it all down.


Begin by asking the following questions.

  • Is this goal what I really desire, or does it just represent what I want?
  • If the latter, what is it that this goal represents to me?
  • Do I really need to have this wanted thing to get to the goal?

These are very raw questions and you'll need to be critical of yourself and your motives.

Identify What You Enjoy Most

Look for the passions, the things that give you great satisfaction, and those that give you 

great joy and peace. By really enjoying what you do you'll have the energy and make the time 

to keep going, even when it doesn't look like you're making any progress. Be aware that there 

will be times when that seems to be the case.

Enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Now look at your list of contacts. Aren't there a lot of people there with some connection to 

one or more of the things you like to do?

Turn to your skills list. There’s probably a lot of overlap there too, as there could be in your 

other resources.

One of the great things about this approach is that by concentrating on areas where you 

have a lot of resources already, you can dramatically shorten the time needed to get to your 


The Final Step

This involves the mapping process. MAP YOUR GOALS GUIDE contains 12 Worksheets that 

simplify the whole procedure of goal-setting, and culminates in the final worksheet "Taking 

The Step". This is the final step ... you will then have your big goals mapped out for you. 

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