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Achieve Your Goals

In a previous post we looked at 7 effective tips to achieve your goals. And we also looked at Why You Need Goals, and How To Achieve them.

If you haven't yet had a look at MAP YOUR GOALS GUIDE then I recommend that you do, not because it's one of my info-products but because it has a specific plan with worksheets that anyone can do. You will achieve results if you follow all the way through.

Since I first released the ebook in 2011, I've now added a clarity map called "How To Hit Your Goals". And I may add further information that's highly relevant. But hang on, you're possibly thinking ... what's a Clarity Map?

Here's what they are. Have a look at this image of two clarity maps that are in the Store.

Clarity maps

For some people, using a systematic approach as described in detail in MAP YOUR GOALS GUIDE might not be a preferred way. It's not difficult going through the plan in the ebook, but it takes a bit of time.  Best outcomes will be achieved by going down this track.

For others who are much more visually inclined, a poster type mapping approach is a good fit. It's way better than nothing at all. And that's why I've started to get together a series of visual aids to help people set and achieve their goals.

Clarity Maps describe all the relevant steps very succinctly, and they are presented in such a way as to be attractive and appealing to all ages.

"3 Steps To Get Things Done"

The steps are ... Create a list of actions - Assign each action a time in which to do it - Do the action

This clarity map contains 16 ways to take more action on everything you do in life, whether it's your online business or your personal life, personal goals or other goals in life. It's also great for kids and teaches them about discipline, structure, and persistence.

"How To Hit Your Goals"

This is a visually appealing map that is succinct in its message, and consists of 3 emotions - say it, feel it, see it - to be done daily, and 3 emotions to be done regularly (whenever they're needed) - be it, believe it, socialize it. All these emotions can drive your personal development and propel you to creating your own life goals map. 

Both maps complement each other and that's why they're offered as a combined product.

If you're interested in more maps about goal-setting, achieving breakthroughs, doing, how to learn, knowledge, letting things go, and a number of others, then here's the good news. They'll all be at a new site I'm establishing; it's called GoalsMap. There'll be a lot of information there about striving to win, achieving, self improvement, motivation and much more. I'll keep you posted of its launch.

What do you think of clarity maps? Do you know of anyone who would benefit? Your kids? Friends?

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