Bridge the Gap

                                              BRIDGE THE GAP

Here at NEW TIMES HOME BIZ, a primary objective is to provide great opportunities for anyone to make improvements to their lives.

This could be in personal development, financial ability, independence, goals, starting your own home business, self-help, time management … just to name a few.

So, here’s an exceptional opportunity that you should consider taking up!

Map Your Goals guide book

Have you ever heard the remark about how some people spend more time planning a two-week vacation than they do planning their futures? There’s much truth in this. The exceptions are the truly successful people.

MAP YOUR GOALS can be used by anyone regardless of age and disposition of life, and for any 

You can use the ideas in this eBook for any system, and to achieve any goal you want. 

A big claim? Not really ... not when you apply every facet in this book.

Setting and achieving goals is about something more profound than creating change. It's about managing change, and putting your future completely in your control.

23 Worksheets are included.

Examining aspects not easily found elsewhere, this eBook describes how to change your life’s situation, and how to forge a new life with a home business that suits your style, personality, and ethics. What’s included?

  • The “value chain”, the essence of building online assets, understanding how you leverage your time to build online assets, and goal setting are vital elements in the process described.

  • Knowing how to identify optimum opportunities using a SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis is one of the key concepts described in detail. 

  • You need to know which path to take to get maximum success for yourself and your business. 

  • The chapter on self-employment focuses on thinking long term, building your business around your interests, and identifying and confronting the negative aspects that inevitably arise.

  • The final chapter is a BONUS where there's a departure from the rest of the book. It takes everything presented previously and wraps it all into info-product creation. You're taken through setting up an eBook, given a product of your own to use however you choose, and concludes with several great ways to sell your eBook.

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