Wordpress vulnerabilites and what to do 

by Desmond Menz posted in Website and Blog Essentials

In the post Let's talk about your Blog security, I started a conversation about hacking, and as a Sandvox user I wanted to know about the security from hacking of my site. (This website and the BLOG have been built with the Mac app Sandvox).

I was relieved to know that my site is as secure as it can be. 

Then I described what should be done to make a Wordpress blog more secure. I mentioned alternatives to Wordpress, such as Blogger, that will give you as little grief as possible when it comes to security.

Let's look at some interesting information about Wordpress, but before I do so, I want to say that I'm not out to pile a heap of turd on Wordpress. It's a great platform, but when there are multi-millions using the system then as sure as night turns into day there will be problems ... unless every user is made totally aware of the vulnerabilities ... and takes action!

HACKERS will destroy your business if you don't take precautions!


More than 75 million WP sites exist today (December 2012) but only 15% of them are running the latest version of WP. Some of the largest corporations around are using WP - for example, Wall Street Journal, Samsung, Ebay, CNN, New York Times, CBS, Pepsi, Ford and many, many others.

Three out of four WP sites are hacked within 12 months of starting up, and the same proportion of webmasters apply little or no security.

The problem is HACKING BOTS trying to exploit any vulnerability; they will keep coming and coming until they can find a way to get into your system. A hacking bot can add a hidden script to your website and in turn can then attack your visitor's PC.

Hackers will target ANY WP blog regardless of whether it's making money or not. If your PC is unsecured then a hacker can easily insert a hack bot on it. Once a site is hacked it can become an attack site to infect other PC's. They are very lucrative to the hacker, but imagine the havoc that can be wreaked! 

No one knows for sure how many hack bots exist. Hackers can turn these destructive pests on or off at will and change their "signature" to avoid detection. 

Cybercrime is a massive activity today. It's been said that hackers steal $1 Trillion of intellectual property each year. All your digital products, no matter what they may be (ebooks, video, audio etc) are at risk of becoming FREEWARE on sites such as "Hotfile", "Depositfiles", "Fileserve", and any of the torrent sites.

If your site is hacked, your host will most likely suspend or shut down your site because it will have breached the terms of service. And then your web address can be blocked by search engines because you've hosted malware. Your IP address could also be blacklisted with spam agencies as a result of mass mailing that can occur.

Website traffic can be diverted resulting in a drop in search engine ranking, a loss of your reputation, and a huge loss in time and money to rebuild your traffic ... if you get on top of the hacking scam. And don't forget, hackers can steal your email list and fill it with spam.

And then the biggest indignity of all is ... you're under investigation. If you've been hacked and your content is changed to a phishing site where credit card details are skimmed and sold on. A court appearance? Uuuggh!

What to do to secure your Wordpress site and your business

Traffic Light

Don't raise a red light on your site. 

You MUST ...

Secure your PC. You must run a very good Internet Security Suite and keep it updated at all times. Do a full scan frequently to quarantine malware, viruses, trojans,
           spamware. This still won't provide all the protection you need, so read on.

Secure your Wordpress installation, keep it up-to-date. An exceptional way to do this is to use BLOG DEFENDER.

If you run a Wordpress site you simply can't do without this application. 




... will massively reduce exposure to HACKING BOT ATTACKS

... will secure every WP site that you own

... will reduce your site's down-time, save money, and allow you to offer a service to your clients to secure their sites 

Remember, web surfing is the biggest threat to web security and not all anti-virus software packages are effective against attacks from hacked websites. Just clicking a link is all that it takes to be hacked.

Take Control Of Your PC or laptop computer or tablet!

BLOG DEFENDER is vital and necessary and is inexpensive.

And if you're a Mac user not using Wordpress, or Joomla, or Drupal, then do your own diligence. Find out about your site's security. 

Be informed. TAKE ACTION.

Maybe you've already taken action. Show what you have done ... make a comment below.

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