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According to W3Techs, 22% of all websites that exist today use Wordpress. When you consider that 63% of all websites DO NOT use a content management system - i.e. 37% DO use CMS - then Wordpress sites represent nearly 60% (22/37) of websites with CMS.

These figures are staggering, considering that Wordpress was only established 11 years ago in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little (see the Wikipedia entry for an interesting story on how they started Wordpress).

Plugins have been the mainstay of Wordpress's popularity - there are now more than 30,000 of them. It is also a multi-award winning platform, it is a very good content management system, and it is a great blogging platform. And best of all … it's free!

So, about 75 million websites run Wordpress as their backbone, but now comes the bad news. 

The Hacking Menace

Did you know that 3 out of 4 blogs, including Wordpress blogs, have been hacked. 

It's mind-blowing! And the incidence of hacking is increasing at an alarming rate. 

In 2012 it was estimated that more than 190,000 Wordpress sites were hacked, and in just the month of March 2014, a single hacker used 162,000 Wordpress sites in a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack.

If you want to know how this was done, just click this link --> 

How attackers tricked 162,000 Wordpress sites

If you use Wordpress as your site builder or as a blogging platform, you'll need to get prepared, be more vigilant than ever before, and take action.

When something as good as Wordpress comes along, it can be crippled by its popularity. Millions of people, organisations, and businesses are using it, but the big problem is that the site managers/owners have taken their eye off the proverbial hacking ball. 

Hacking is predicted to double in 2014, and the result will be huge amounts of downtime, the attendant costs, and lost revenue and traffic. But what's more insidious is that hackers keep finding new ways to exploit weaknesses and to amplify the attacks to make them increasingly more destructive.

Look at these sites that were hacked in the first quarter of 2014 - CNN, Obamacare, Forbes, Angry Birds, EA Games, and a host of other big sites. And they would have had their own security people on hand. It didn't make much difference.

How To Stop the Hacker

Back in late 2012 I wrote a couple of articles, including Let's Talk About Your Blog Security because I was alarmed at the incidence of hacking and I wanted to let bloggers and website owners know what could be done. 

These articles are even more relevant today. In Wordpress vulnerabilities and what to do I introduced a great tool by Matt Garrett. Now remember, that was in 2012.

Since that tool was released, none of the more than 5000 buyers have been hacked.

The software has now been rewritten from scratch just to keep ahead of the hackers. Put simply, it runs Wordpress in stealth mode so that it's hidden from hacking attacks. 

The tool is called BLOG DEFENDER  and it now covers low volume botnet attacks, spammers, malware, content scrapers and other known bandwidth killers.

On Matt Garrett's page about Blog Defender, he gives a very informative video about how his mother's very low traffick site was hacked and how potential vulnerabilities can be exploited on your site. He also shows how you can check the security of your Wordpress site.


When it comes to the security of your website, don't rely on any other tool or system, or anyone else. Rely on yourself with ...

BLOG DEFENDER for Wordpress Security 2016 

What security are you using on your site or blog?

Are you like me and use a very different system altogether with high security?

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