Add Value To An Old Domain Name

This article is a continuation of a 2-part series on DOMAIN NAMES.

Here’s Part 1 … Getting The Right Domain Name 

This is Part 2, and it’s all about OLD domains and what to do with them if they aren’t being used.

Discover The Value In An Idle Domain Name

Nearly 10 years ago I registered the domain name with the intention of using it as an affiliate site. Other offline work got in the way and so I let it sit …a long sleep you could say.

If I had registered yournextincome (with no hyphens) it would have had higher value, but because of my lack of knowledge back then about domain names, I used hyphens. That domain was taken by someone else after I had registered my hyphenated one.

I still haven’t used yet, but I have plans for it.

And, by the way, the use of the prefix “your” could penalise the value of the domain name, as described in Getting The Right Domain Name.

How can you find an estimate of the value of your domain name?

There are services available online that can provide an estimate, but the only real valuation is what the market is prepared to pay.

Using as an example, in late 2014 I went to several valuation sites. The first was Siteprice and what it showed was something quite jaw-dropping.

Here is an image of the results.

Wow! Maybe I should stick it on the market and see what it would actually fetch.

Interestingly, back in 2011 I started to create a member site using Profits Theme, which is shown in the image above, but then something else came up - a lot of offline work actually - and I forgot all about it. 

I won’t get carried away with this appraisal, but just to check again I then went to 
url appraisalthe result … $44.

And another check at valuemydomain … $30

And another at estibot … $5

What about Siteprice? I’ll leave it to you to form your own opinion.

There are many domain name appraisers, so be careful about which you choose to believe. 

The only true way to know the value of your domain name is to test it on the open market.

The message is … always do multiple checks with any online domain valuation service.

OK, so I’ll just hang on to that domain, but I really should get it working for me. 

Make that old and idle domain work for you

If you’ve been hanging on to old domain names (hey, we’ve all got them), paying their annual registration fee but not using them, what should you do?

Most people with idle domains don’t know that they can earn money from them. 

Get them to work for you.

Here are three options.

     Park your domain

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get that old lazy domain working for you. Check your domain registrar to see if a parking service is provided.

One of my domain registrars is Namecheap, and it has a parking service where instructions are given on how to point domains to a parking page.

Other providers could have a similar arrangement, so check with your hosting provider to see if domain parking is offered.

For an alternative, try Sedo. 

Domain parking services will put advertisements on a page provided by them. It’s a template page and you can optimize it by selecting a category and sub-category.  

A side benefit of domain parking is that there will be some content assigned to the domain, which the search engines will ultimatley pick up. Most parking services use some form of SEO to get visibility, so that’s a benefit also.


This method is generally hands-off and hassle-free, so when domain name parking companies say that it’s free, it is not. They will take about 40% of the income (your money) from the advertising that’s shown on the domain’s landing page.

You might be happy with that, because after all, these companies are providing a service. But there’s another way.

     Park the domain yourself 

If you’re with a host where you have multiple domains on a single account, create a single page using one of the domains and then create some ads based on products that you have purchased and that you are an affiliate for. This is merely about putting something up that people can click on. Will it work? You’ll never know unless you have a go.

If you want to have more control over the type of ads that are shown on your domains, then you could purchase a script that will perform a range of functions. Be careful of the cost.

     Sell something and establish a simple storefront 

If your domain name is similar to a particular product description, then establish a storefront as an interim measure to setting up the site. Choose relevant products that you are an affiliate for, write several articles (or get them written at Fiverr), create a quick image and a few words about the product, then link the image and the articles to the affiliate link of the product seller’s sales page.

How easy is that!


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