Abandoning Social Media Icons

By Des Menz posted in Website and Blog Essentials 

Most bloggers add social media icons to their posts as a matter of course. 

Perhaps it's because they think they need to, maybe it's because of habit.

They want their content, their posts, shared far and wide … all for a reason! 

That reason might be to get credo, to get influence, to get popularity, to get subscribers, but ultimately it's all about money! 

People mostly blog to get sales of something or another - whether that's their own product or somebody else's product.

But how do these bloggers know if their readers are taking action and sharing their content? Have they tested to see what is actually being shared? After all, that's the name of the social game - to SHARE!

Do you the blogger ever see what the results are? One way to find out is to see what's happening on Google Analytics. See what your on-page results are.

If social media icons are not working for you, maybe it's time to stop using them.

Taking The Lead From Those In The Know

If you're uncertain whether you NEED social icons on your site, there's one sure way to find out. Go to credible sources.

Since NTHB Blog began several years ago, I've always had reservations about using social icons. We've all been told that we must have them to get social engagement.

I was never convinced, and my shares have proven it. 

Here's an article that made me think about using social buttons.

Why I'm Done With Social Media Icons

This next Information Architects article also nearly convinced me.

Sweep The Sleaze

Have You Noticed What I've Just Done?

I've done the very thing that these articles reckon non-lazy people do.

I've copied the URL of the articles and added them to my article. I've shared them.

But here's what really hit me between the ears! From "Sweep The Sleaze" again ...

If you’re unknown, social media buttons make you look like a dog waiting for the crumbs from the table. You might have magnificent writing skills and a lot to say, but you will still only get a few retweets and likes. Yes, it’s not fair, but that’s the way it is. If you’re known, you will get attention, even for the mediocre. If you’re not known, no matter how good you are, initially you won’t. That button that says “2 retweets” will be read as: “This is not so great, but please read it anyway? Please?”

And this …

Social media buttons are not a social media strategy, even though they’re often sold that way. Excellent content, serious networking and constant human engagement is the way to build your profile. Adding those sleazy buttons won’t achieve anything. Social media is not easy — there is no simple trick. Usually, what most people do is not the winning strategy but the safe strategy, and safe rarely wins.

By the way, did you note the date on that iA article? More than 2 years ago now.

So, should I go with … No Social Media Icons?

Well, I've thought about it long and hard, and for now I'll stick with a few social buttons. 

But you might also be wondering what I am doing to get readers and get engagement. 

It's what Derek Halpern hits us with at Social Triggers

Have your say below. 

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