The Essence Of Your Business Proposition

by Desmond Menz posted in Steps To Business Success

At New Times Home Biz, everything about a home business has been made to be simple ... well, as simple as it can be. That's why the scope of the NTHB Way covers 24 modules in 6 key areas.

What are these SIX key areas?


When you're starting YOUR NEW TIMES, you'll need to determine YOUR VISION AND GOALS, find your BUSINESS MODEL, and do it all with SIMPLICITY in mind.

Every one of the elements will need to be part of a PLAN.


Your business will need IDEAS from which you will create INFO-PRODUCTS that you can sell on your WEBSITE &/OR BLOG for ONLINE SUCCESS.

You will need to CREATE all of these elements. 


Home business growth will depend on OPPORTUNITIES that you discover, JOINT VENTURES that you form, WHERE & HOW TO SELL your products and services using NO/LOW COST METHODS.

All these are essential to knowing about how and what to FIND.


There are many tools and techniques that you YOURSELF will need for YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS that will have ever-lasting benefit to your MEMBERS including your online and offline COMMUNITY.

It is all about EMPOWERment of yourself, your business, and your community, because without it there will be brittle foundations.


With an online business - and an offline one for that matter - there will be enormous benefits to knowing about WEBSITE CREATION that has an AUTORESPONDER capability and uses EMAIL MARKETING and contains quality and unique GRAPHICS including video.

These elements are the fundamental TECHNICAL aspects of building a system that underpins your business. 


To SHARE IDEAS is truly a worthy practice that will extend your reputation and your generosity, but to SHARE PROFITS to FUND WORTHY CAUSES, and also to EDUCATE OTHERS, will bring all the riches that you could desire.

These acts of being ETHICAL will propel your business further than you could imagine.

And so, the scene is set. These key areas and their elements are what we seek to achieve and to implement for business success. These are the "NTHB Way".

No doubt there are many other elements that could be added, but the core proposition of NTHB is contained here.

What are your thoughts? What do you base your business on? Do you have a PROPOSITION statement?

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