Branding builds your business 

by Desmond Menz posted in Steps To Business Success

As an info-product creator/publisher I've strived to put my persona into my writings and to build credibility with my audience. Branding is inextricably linked to traffic generation and list building. But one of the toughest things to do is to convince people that what you have to say will be of benefit to them. 

It's not much different to the offline world in trying to sell a product or service and you're putting your name out there. You brand yourself, and you brand your business. You may have the best service around, but it can all come to nought if nobody is listening. 

Offline and online branding

Let's consider the parallel universe of the offline business world - I know this well. Credibility is not easily won, but once you have it, it can be easily overlooked because of personal preferences, whims, perceptions (usually mis-placed) about your abilities or your business's capabilities, or whether  you've fallen out of favour. I suspect the sole trader experiences more of these than the larger business enterprise, because the latter carries a branding and a psychological advantage attached to that branding.

Let's now look at the online world. Branding has similar connotations as the offline world. It's just human behaviour. If you're struggling to get anyone to listen, it's because people either they don't give much credibility to you, or they make a judgment based on what you've shown at a sales page or a landing page, or whatever. Maybe what you're offering doesn't quite fit the bill. But somewhere out there, someone will be interested in your offerings, and that can be reinforced by branding.

But that then brings us to another problem - HOW to best get people who see what you're offering (i.e. traffic) and then to hold them (i.e. build a list of interested people). 

Just as with branding, doing these two things requires persistence, persistence, persistence. And applying all those traffic generation strategies that we've already discussed, plus some more.

Branding your business is just one of those essential steps to building your online presence. 

What do you think? Are you branding yourself and your business? Do you use your own name on all the products that you're trying to sell? 

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