Temptation, Desperation, Lost Time

By Des Menz posted in Steps To Business Success

There’s a good reason why I’m writing this article, and 

it will become clear in a few moments.

Are You A Marketer, A Seller, Or A Business Builder?

There’s a trap and it conceals itself so well that most people can not, or choose not, to see it.

It happens time and time again. The trap is the temptation of trying to make money like the so-called big “gurus” do, or the self-pronounced guy who says he (or she) has the magic cash formula, or being enticed into a “program” (whatever it might be) that promises guaranteed income but delivers almost nothing in how to get it. 

The last two are overflowing with the charlatans of the internet world.

“Follow what I do and you’ll be guaranteed results”. How often have you seen this mantra? This is something that I’ve had to deal with myself, not because I was desperate for results, but because I thought that successful people would be able to give the right answers to allow me to learn and to achieve some success. 

That approach is just a diversion of what should actually be done. The temptation leads to “program hopping” in the hope of finding the magic formula for success.

We all have our own reasons why we seek an online business, but there’s one true lesson that sits above all else - trust. Who should you trust to get business support?

Sadly for some, the temptation for quick results and easy money is just too great. It can become an endless cycle. And so these people jump from one “solution" to the next … and never see any results for their efforts.

This temptation preys on the weak, the desperate, and the vulnerable. It can hurt them badly.   

You know their cousins don’t you? Fear. Procrastination. Apathy.

Read more about these vampires in THINK SMART

And for more guidance, I recommend the following article here at NTHB.

                                7 Essential Tips To Get Your Goals          

So, what’s the primary purpose of this article?

Don’t Get Desperate

Re-set your compass. Slay the temptation dragon. Become Unstoppable.

Reaffirm your place as a Business Builder.

Get clarity, re-focus.

Work to your strengths, identify them, support them.

I belong to several Facebook Groups, primarily to see what discussions are occurring at any particular time. I sometimes contribute. One of these groups had a rapid rise but now appears to be in a state of limbo. Why? Because its owner doesn’t contribute; he’s gone. The group site is all but dead.

By contrast, Denis Becker’s IM Inside Track is very active. Denis contributes a daily topic for discussion, and so it’s here where there are all sorts of contributions.

Sometimes people tell about their desperation to earn an online income, or conversely describe their success. Other contributors have “made it”, they’re doing very nicely in their online business, but they won’t say much about it. That’s not their way.

Help is always available

Whatever your niche, a Facebook Group can provide a level of help to get you over a hump. There will always be people wanting to help others with ideas, advice, and strategies.

Let’s say your niche is “self improvement” (that’s a broad niche, but we’ll use that for illustration purposes). Find a Facebook Group by searching this string —> Facebook Group Self Improvement.

So, if you’re searching for the experiences of others and their successes or otherwise, try starting a conversation. 


There is always another way

Many people have all the fundamental attributes of creating an online business, but they lose focus. Their attention can be diverted from “business building” using product creation. 

This is the desperation factor again. The constant search for quick cash.

From time to time I’ve read how people haven’t trusted their own judgment and use their work experiences and skills to create digital products that could help others. 

This is business building the sustainable way.

Perhaps it's a lack of confidence, maybe it’s an erosion of clarity. 

So, how to get out of that state of mind? What should be done? 


Seen that before? Look in the header above. It’s also described in detail in ...


Have you made the effort to tap into your own skills, experiences, and knowledge to create a “product” such as an ebook, report, short course, a blog?

Anyone CAN make it happen, but there’s one thing that has to be done first. 

Get Out Of Bad Habits

Desperation makes us irrational, and by irrational I mean “losing judgment” and becoming illogical. 

When people get desperate for money, what do they do? 

There are three casualties …

button cancelLoss of focus

button cancelLack of clarity

button cancelGoing back to old habits

But that’s not the end of it. What each one of these does is cause …

button cancelLost time 

Every time focus, clarity, and habits are affected by irrational and desperate behaviours, the biggest casualty of all is
lost time ... wasted time.

What a waste! 

This lost time could - should - be used to create an info-product, a digital product, that could be sold … for profit.

So, to lose focus, clarity, and good practices (habits) will cost money.

Now, I’m not trying to lecture anyone, but to achieve anything you have to start it, and then finish it. If you start writing an ebook about a specific area of knowledge that you have, finish it. Don’t leave it in limbo.

It’s as simple as that.

Here’s a bit more guidance on creating a new start …

Talk About What You Know

A Marketing and Selling Reality Check

Are you marketing other people’s products just to try and make some cash to pay some bills? 

If you are, you’re most likely building that person’s business. Sure, there are ways to make affiliate marketing, for example, work well and be profitable. (See this article Becoming An Affiliate Stripped Bare for an introduction and an example).

But the costs of marketing other people's products can be significant - advertising can be a big sucker of money. More than that, media buying is an area of online business that requires an in-depth knowledge, constant testing, driving traffic to offers, creating a landing page, creating and testing ads and banner ads, and so on. It’s a lot of work, and if you’re not at it full time, then time can be wasted.

There’s no doubt that following the methods of successful marketers - not necessarily what they’re actually doing themselves - can put you in the right mindset, allow you to develop the best strategies, and use the right tools and resources.

But to the uninitiated, the novice, it’s an area to avoid.

Marketing and selling are bonded together, but the right glue has to be used otherwise there will be no results.

Never forget the KISS principle if you’re tempted to enter uncharted waters. 


That’s what we’ve all been told at some stage in our lives, but how many people actually take it with them as a matter of routine? 

Remember, if you’re trying to sell products - whether they’re your own or somebody else’s - what is your sales process? Is everything set up properly? Do you have a planWhat is your fallback position if it all fails?

Build Your Own Business

Firstly, let me clarify whether you should be trusting what I’m saying here. I have an offline as well as an online business. I have combined the two at this site myEngineerOnline. That’s a very different site to New Times Home Biz.

New Times Home Biz was created to help others find their feet in an online business by using their skills, knowledge, and experiences. And to write about them. 

There are many articles here at NTHB to serve that end, in addition to an email newsletter that’s sent out to subscribers. You can join below. 

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An Online Business needs to be kept simple, and one of the best ways is to use your own skills and knowledge and write about them. Whilst many Internet Marketers talk about taking on niches that could be totally unfamiliar to your own life or livelihood, I think this approach has a number of risks. 

It’s all very well to create a niche website to sell a product as an affiliate (and I’ve done this on several occasions, one example being Get Rid Of Hives Reviewed) but it could end up in smoke. 

Lost time. Time wasted.

(By the way, if you want to see exactly how I created this affiliate site, it’s all described in Becoming An Affiliate Stripped Bare)

Regardless of all this, there is no substitute to creating your own products, your own blog, and your own business.

Become a Business Builder. Avoid temptation. Leave desperation behind.

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