Two easy ways to sell your eBook

by Desmond Menz posted in Selling Strategies

You've created your ideal ebook, now what? Sell it.

Here are 2 GREAT OPTIONS FOR SELLING YOUR eBOOK. One is not so well-known as the other, but always remember to use as many marketplaces as you can.


Established in 2004, Tradebit is a site where you can do either or both of the following. 

cleanSell your own products in your digital “store” on a subdomain at the Tradebit site. This is very important to understand because here you can have your own “site” presence for very little cost and for basic understanding of how to set it up (more on this below).

cleanList your products and other vendor products for sale; links are then created which send buyers to your own site sales page and download page (if you have created them).

It’s highly recommended to go for the first option and set up a digital store; it’s the easiest 

and simplest to set up.

If you decide this is for you, then go here for Tradebit and sign up to get going.

If you sign up as a Seller you’ll also be able to sell other products as an Affiliate and therefore 

obtain a proportion of the sales of other Sellers’ products that you place in your digital store.

Seek complementary products to your own in Tradebit that you can place in your store. This 

is a great way to build your potential income and exposure.

Tradebit handles all the transactions for you, pays the transaction fees, delivers the download 

files to the customer and handles customer support. Now that’s hard to beat!


To sell in the Clickbank Marketplace you’ll need to become a Vendor, details of which are at 

Clickbank’s website

List your product in the marketplace and recruit affiliates to promote it. The additional 

requirement in being a Vendor is that a simple website or blog will need to be established to 

send buyers to. Look for Clickbank’s Vendor Checklist; it has all the requirements. 

The setup fee for selling on Clickbank is a one time payment of $49.95; then your eBook is 

ready in the Clickbank Marketplace for all to see, for you to receive sales payments, and for 

prospective affiliates to promote and sell your eBook for you.

Once a sale is made for you, Clickbank handles everything else ... payment processing, 

delivery of your digital product, and refunds. A fee of about 7% is charged for the service, 

and this is small compared with what you obtain.

What other marketplaces do you know of to sell eBooks and reports?

Here are another two places to sell your information product.

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