The Free Ad Strategy

So maybe you have your own product but want to expand your range. Or perhaps you haven’t got your own product yet but you need some money. Who doesn’t? 

I won’t say “quick cash” because this can be very misleading. “Quick cash” is a rarity. 

There is a way where you could earn a bit of income - maybe more than a “bit” - and it’s about selling Clickbank products or other digital product using FREE Classified Ads

If you’ve already created your own product, then you could use this approach.

Yes, I’m possibly going against what I have advocated elsewhere. But using free classified ads is a good way to get an introduction to the world of marketing and selling. 

Who knows … you might do very well out of it.

Here’s the procedure.

Register at Clickbank

Choose a product

Create your ad for the product (some product owners might already have ads that you can use; change the words to make them your own)

List the ad

Recently there was an appeal from someone about using classified ads to promote Clickbank products to “generate income”.

As it turns out, this person came across as exasperated about not being able to find a consistent way for online success, and there was a hint of desperation. 

We can all fall into this trap so easily.  

Being desperate for money makes us search for a quick fix. 

There’s a consequence - loss of focus. Temptation, desperation, and lost time are your enemies.

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