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by Desmond Menz posted in Selling Strategies

Anyone can set up a blog. They are a proven and reliable way to make money, although the 

reality is it takes time, a lot of time, to build up a readership and a customer base. But that 

shouldn't deter you from trying to use your blog to sell your offerings and products. 


Many people - first-timers and those with little experience about an online 

business - are steered towards the Wordpress platform when starting out in the 


I've written previously about what to be wary of with Wordpress, and I've also 

suggested one of the simplest blogging platforms out there - Blogger!

Blogger is fine for starting out, and its big advantage is that it's connected to the Google 


It's your choice of course, but personally I didn't find Wordpress the easiest to get up and 

running when I first started out online a few years ago. Because of where I live - in my rural 

home office - I have to be self-reliant and learn everything by myself. And when I changed to 

Mac several years ago, that's when I made the leap to Mac applications (such as you see 

with this website and blog).

Anyway, it's well-known that blogs perform well in search engines. They’re also easy to add 

content to, and they allow you to write about your products and to promote them, and to offer 

them for sale.

If you blog often, and you’re good at what you do, you could develop a good size following of 

readers who enjoy your content and what you have to offer.

Posting frequently also keeps your content fresh, and search engines hunger for fresh 


Don’t start a blog and then after a short while let it sit idle. You'll rapidly lose any ranking 

you've built up with the search engines, and that would be a waste of your time.  If you’re 

going to start a blog, you need to be prepared to commit yourself to growing it by posting 

regularly and keeping it updated. This is one of the hidden powers of blogging - if you run 

into a period where you have little of substance to blog about, then put up a post about an 

information product, a report, or an affiliate offer that you may have.

How to use your blog to sell

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Here are a few ideas about how to use your blog to promote your offer 

or service. By the way, always add a blog to a static website, because 

you'll be able to add content much quicker than with your website.

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Blogs are great for people who sell services. Let's say you're a graphics designer, an 

online writer, or someone who has an ability to solve technical problems based on your 

knowledge or skills.

Use your blog to keep in touch with your clients.  Offer updates on your schedule and 

availability. Report on your current prices and special offers, and when you’ll be releasing 

new work.  

checkbox type x 1Post samples of your latest work, whatever it may be. If you have a number of clients 

who are subscribers, then you’ll be able to keep in contact with them to alert them to your 

great offers. Remember, people tend to follow blogs more than websites.  

checkbox type x 1If you're an online writer, and have now accumulated a number of well structured and 

informative posts in your niche, then select a number of them and compile them in a report 

that you can sell on your blog. This is one aspect of my business that I'll be trying out, 

because as you can see on my blog, there are many articles that have been placed into 

categories for easier transfer as content for reports and ebooks in the future. 

checkbox type x 1Promote your affiliate offers by writing a comprehensive review of the product and 

placing text links throughout the content. Images and banner ads can also be strategically 

placed on the blog post page. One thing to be careful about is to check your affiliate links 

from time to time. Go back to your posts and click on the links and make sure they still work.


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                      Where else to sell your ebook

                      How to keep your website fresh

Use your blog to sell as an affiliate

Let's discuss briefly about weaving your own products and affiliate offers into a blog post. 

In an article Becoming an affiliate stripped bare I wrote about a simple approach to 

becoming an affiliate. 

There's nothing complex about it, but there is a method. And one of the critical steps is to 

get backlinks.

In the article just mentioned is an example where I've not only provided content by describing 

how to quickly become an affiliate, but I've also linked to my own products, linked to other 

offers such as domain registration and hosting, and described and linked to an affiliate 

product that I created a sales page for -

Get Rid Of Hives Reviewed.

I also described two strategies about how to leverage the power of being an affiliate.

So, the article contained a story and the 'how-to' in becoming an affiliate, but importantly it 

contains the opportunity to earn income. This is the way I like to present blog posts in 

between writing other content rich posts.

And that is what you should have a go at. 

What methods do you use to sell on your blog? Have your say.

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