Beware of registered trademarks

by Desmond Menz posted in Marketing Methods

Trademarks and Registered Trademarks 

Registered trademark NTHB

These can be seen on many information products and physical products. They are represented by TM and the symbol ® respectively. You will have seen these on many labels - for example, food labels, product labels, business names. 

Organisations choose to protect these names by registering them. 

But there's one group of labels that I've recently had to give more attention to. 


I'll now explain.

Affiliate marketing is one of the income streams that could become a good earner for you. It's a part of my business, and to help me get educated about this I've turned to NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing System).

But I haven't stopped there.

In recent times I came across a very elegant and simple method of affiliate marketing. It involves searching for an information product with very good prospects and then creating a mini-site to rank on page one of Google. I'll discuss more on this in an upcoming issue of eBiz EYE newsletter. (If you haven't tried getting a copy yet, then why not subscribe on the form in the sidebar.)

Learning about becoming an affiliate requires some depth of understanding, but as I've just discovered recently there's also a level of responsibility that goes with it.

If you plan to be an affiliate to sell information products, and therefore derive a commission from sales, then you will need to understand what these terms "Trademark" and "Registered Trademark" mean.

Respect Trademarks   

If you come across a product that you would like to sell as an affiliate, then take note of the following. 

Firstly, here's a point of difference.

Right arrow in square boxA registered trademark ® of a name has been registered with an office or agency of your national government. Only a registered trademark can use the symbol ®.

Right arrow in square boxA trademark (TM) of a product name may be in the process of becoming registered. Sometimes that product may never be registered, so it would not have the same offer
           of legal protection as a registered trademark.

Don't slip up

Secondly, any new product that has a distinctive or unique name can be considered to be trademarked. There's no compulsion for a business to register a name, however once a trademark is registered it is a strong signal that there is legal protection against wayward and intentional use by others.

Don't slip up.

The Bottom Line

  • A trademark is a form of intellectual property that is assigned to logos, phrases, images, or other identifier used by the business or owner of the product. These are found on websites, information products, and goods and services.

           By the way, there's a "SM" mark that can be assigned to a Servicemark. Our focus is  
           on Trademarks and Registered Trademarks.

  • Use of the TM symbol indicates that the process has begun for registration of the identifier whatever it may be. 

  • Do not use a trademark name or registered trademark name without consent from the owner of a product that you would like to sell as an affiliate.

          HINT ... I'm talking about Domain Names. This will be exposed in eBiz EYE very soon!

Have you had any experience with trademarks, or know anybody who has fallen foul of using a trademark or registered trademark? Let us know.

Make a comment below.

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