3 More Essential Marketing Strategies 

by Desmond Menz posted in Marketing Methods

Let's continue on from the first three target marketing strategies.

Target Marketing Strategy # 4: Yahoo Answers

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This is a great place to go because quite often there will be people wanting to buy a product but not knowing where to go or who to trust. Sometimes the questions are as simple and obvious as "Where can I buy 'such and such' product?"

So, here's what to do. 

Post answers to questions. If you find that the same question is asked repeatedly, then just keep your answer in a separate file on your hard drive so that you can copy-paste it.

There are a lot of people who are still feeling their way on the Internet. They need direction and so they will be grateful for any help you can give them.

Build a profile and network of fans by going into Yahoo! Answers several times a day, visit your category of interest and browse for questions. 

Grow your mailing list by adding links to your site, but remember to not overtly push your site.

By doing this you'll get backlinks and traffic to your site. The more you post, the greater will be the traffic.

Target Marketing Strategy # 5: Pay Per Click Traffic

Running a pay-per-click (ppc) campaign - such as Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, and Yahoo! Search Marketing - can give you the kind of visitors you want, as long as you have a very structured campaign and enough money to do some initial testing. This type of marketing is not for the beginner or the feint-hearted, but it can be a very lucrative way to get visitors that want to buy.

It's best to start slowly with a ppc campaign and stick to a tight budget. It's easy to lose money at the beginning while you are testing your campaigns; in fact it's to be expected. Testing is absolutely essential, because you need to find out which keywords are the most successful. 

If you want to have a productive traffic-producing campaign on Google you must first test on Google. Don't test on smaller search engines, because if you do it will lead to failure. That's just the way it goes in the PPC world.

Once your testing has been done, and you have crunched the numbers as much as you possibly can, there is no way to possibly fail using a pay per click campaign. It is mathematically impossible, as long as you have chosen a buying niche that has proven itself strong.

That is the huge advantage of PPC campaigns. With proper research, the ability to work the numbers through testing, and the cash to see it through, there is no possibility of failure.

When everything has been set in place and you have a traffic rich campaign running, you can then start testing your conversion rates.

Many people fall off the rails by mixing up the conversion and traffic numbers. They start by testing their conversion rates right at the beginning of a campaign.

Conversions cannot be properly tested until the traffic is substantial and coming in at a stable level. Traffic alone can lead to proper testing on conversions, and it is imperative that you make this your first priority when you start any new PPC campaign.

Target Marketing Strategy # 6: Offline Activities

PPC is not easy, and so there are other ways to generate traffic that might be better suited to your strategies. 

Many, many people who congregate in groups off the Internet might be interested in visiting a site of interest. Some may have never even thought there was information available on the 'net about the topic.

You can track down these groups by looking for places they would hang out in the Yellow Pages. For example, if you have a site about horses or pony clubs, then you can look up equestrian organizations. Visit these places of interest and ask to put up a flyer about your site. You will get visitors this way, guaranteed.

Here's a way that is very simple but can have a very wide reach. If you're traveling somewhere for a vacation, or you're visiting a place that's a long way from your home base, leave behind a simple business card in many places (e.g. tourist information) with a lot of people around. The card should be printed both sides so that it describes succinctly what you have to offer and how this could help others. 

These are just a couple of ways to get some targeted traffic, and you should make use of them to get the kind of visitors to your site who want your product or service. You need a lot of targeted traffic to make your site profitable, and to build a strong list, and these suggestions will get you started in the right direction.

Above all ... think about where you can market yourself offline. You'll never know until you have a go!

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