3 Marketing Strategies For A Target Market

by Desmond Menz posted in Marketing Methods

You have your product or service, so what next? You need to tell the world all about it. MARKET IT!

Whether we like it or not, marketing is inextricably a part of our everyday lives. Every product or service we buy or consume is marketed in some way or another. 

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Your customers are out there, you know who they are, and all that's needed is to find where they are. You also know that what you have is exactly what they want, because you have solutions to their problems.

How do you get them to visit your website or blog? You need to use some proven target marketing strategies.

Traffic means nothing if it's not targeted, so the objective is to find a community of buyers in your niche that want your product or service. To get some targeted traffic to your site, find this group (your market) and invite them to visit. 

The following methods are some of the best target marketing strategies to ensure that you are getting the right people over to your site.

Target Marketing Strategy # 1: Article Marketing

This is perhaps the easiest way to start getting visitors to your site. Many people who read your article would be interested in your subject, and so those who click your link in your signature file (or resource box) are the ones that have taken action.

Ah ha ... what's a resource box? It's your identifier and a link to your website placed at the end of your article. It includes a benefit-laden ad, a bit of "bait", that entices people to click through to your site.

There will be thousands of people who could read your articles in the years to come, so those who took a step towards finding out more about your niche are those you want to have at your site. You will have then narrowed down the field somewhat.

Article marketing has its place for finding highly targeted traffic in any niche. It is worth the time and effort to get some articles out there, even if you write just one per week. It will pay off.

ACTION STEP : Go to the following article directories to start with.




Target Marketing Strategy # 2: Forum Marketing

Forums are where like-minded people congregate and this is where some of your potential customers hang out. Seek out forums in your niche by doing the following using Google or your usual search engine and enter ... "(your niche keyword) forum". 

For example, "backyard gardening forum" if your niche is gardening.

You could substitute "forum" with "discussion".

Having found a forum or two, be helpful and post answers to peoples' problems thoughtfully. Avoid a blatant sales pitch.You'll definitely get people to your site once you have a reputation for integrity and value.

Not all members in forums are buyers, they are generally looking for specific answers. But many will be and so if you target them you'll have a group already qualified for your niche. 

Remember to place your signature link at the end of your post. Make it about your reader and not about you.

Target Marketing Strategy # 3: Facebook

Facebook has thousands of different groups already set up in different topics. You can join a group, or more if there are more available, and let the group participants see that you are an expert in the field. Take this opportunity to let people know more about you and become real to them. 

You will start to get friend requests this way, and others will go to your Facebook page to find out more about you. Your landing page on Facebook should direct them over to your site.

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