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I have a fascination for nature, particularly rocks, water, the sky, and landscapes. One of my upcoming "projects" is to start placing some of my recent photographs, and older ones, online. 

I've set aside a page on one of my latest sites (you'll be surprised at what it is) to showcase these photos … and maybe make a few dollars from them.

Have a close look at the photo.  

Balance, harmony, mutual existence, one with the other.

This is precisely how you could describe the relationship between yourself and your online business.

BUT … is there a problem?

The Chicken and the Egg

When I first started out in my online ventures (more like adventures) I was always on the scout for free or low cost information and resources. I soon realised that getting the right education required spending some money.

Which come first - the chicken or the egg? Obvious isn't it. And so it is with online business success.

Anyone starting an online venture can quickly become enticed by the "huge income potential" that is all-pervasive on the Internet. Although there's an endless array of tips, tricks, and methods for little cost, to get the right stuff can be a challenge.

Good education - getting the right training - is not free. It is an investment in your future earning capacity.

There is no silver bullet to making money online. It takes work, persistence, making mistakes, learning from mistakes, never giving up, being creative, and having a bit of courage.

You could check out the following two categories for some guidance.


WORK, LIFE, and YOURSELF - 11 articles

Two Key Problems

I'm on several Facebook groups where I see two persistent problems for people striving to get an online income.

Problem #1 - they have nothing to sell and they have little idea where and how to start. 

Problem #2 - they are trying to build a list of customers from an audience that they haven't identified and to whom they have little to offer.

These are related problems, they are not mutually exclusive, but they are a symptom of starting at the wrong end of establishing a sustainable business.

What Needs To Be Done?


  • Get realistic
  • Set some goals, start planning
  • Get educated 

Here's a start - MAP YOUR GOALS GUIDE.

Then, depending on your goals, think about the following.

3 Recommended Learning Resources


This is for the serious online entrepreneur. At 12 Modules and 74 video lessons, what you'll get is the ultimate in establishing a successful work-at-home business.


Knowing what to do, how to do it, and when, are critical to getting your publication or product successfully into the hands of others. But there's always a learning curve. Nothing will be achieved without knowledge.



One of the 7 articles in Your eBook Biz (click on the tab at the top) is about a great Kindle training course.

If you're still scrambling around trying to make a few dollars here and there, give this a go. 

If none of these resources can fit into your plans right now, then here's something you can take away with you.

Some of these might give you some inspiration for your own writings.

What's the latest course you've undertaken? Leave a comment below.  

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