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If you've been in Internet marketing for a few years, 

or like most people have just been on the fringe 

trying to find ways to get a bit of online income, 

there's one feature you surely would have noticed - 

how prices have fallen on many product lines.

lt's incredible how much stuff is cheap, and how 

much is free, on the Internet. 

The standout model for selling anything - courses, training, manuals, guides, and so on - is to 

offer a great deal on a primary product and then add higher priced offerings in a second 

(e.g. One Time Offers), often a third, and sometimes a fourth, product. This is called a Sales 

Funnel approach, which is all about persuading people to buy the full kit-and-kaboodle in a 

progressively higher cost, and supposedly higher value, range of related products.

Free, cheap, and value … do they go together?

Let's get back to people - they like "free" and "cheap" … it seems to be embedded in the

human DNA.

Now, what about "value"? Can something be free, cheap, and of value? Maybe, maybe not.

What sort of material have you been able to get for low cost or for nothing? Was it a report, an 

ebook, an article, a video? Did it help you? Or is it still sitting on your hard drive gathering 

digital dust? 

If it didn't help you, if it wasn't able to move you on to another plane of thought or action, then 

it's of little or no value. 

"Free" and "cheap" also has its pitfalls; a lot of it is almost worthless, it has little or no value, 

and could be just rehashed PLR. Be careful. Be very careful.

What's this PLR (Private Label Rights) all about? Here's a quick rundown on PLR and another 

one <- click here. 

If you've progressed to having your own website or blog then you would - should - have some 

type of free content on offer. But it will need to be of great help to your readers, otherwise 

you'll lose them - instantly!

When I started New Times Home Biz I wanted to have some high value free material, not 

because I wanted to entice readers to join my newsletter (although that's a good reason), but 

because it's what I've done throughout my working life - I've always given stuff away. It's good 

to give.

Here's a twist on the old saying about receiving and giving.

Whilst it's good to gain

It's better to give

So that we all may prosper

In order to live

This is about reciprocity - exchange of benefits, if you like. Mutual advantage.

So, there are two free e-courses for visitors of NTHB - About You and eBook Biz - and the free 

ebook "Create an ebook in 5 days - earn from it for life" … for subscribers to my news digest 

eBiz EYE. There's all the free material in the Bookshelf.

And of course, there's always a constant stream of free information at the NTHB blog.

A solution for having no product

Now let's get back to the situation where you don't have your own info-product, but you're 

charged up to get something to sell so that you can start (or add to) earning an online 

income. What do you do?

Does the thought of writing, or starting to write, give you palpitations? We've all experienced it 

writer's block gray

before - the rut, writer's block, confusion of 

thought about where and how to start, framing the 

content. It's OK to feel like that.

The reality is that it can be quite intimidating to 

start a new project and to come up with fresh 

ideas and writings that are interesting 

to read. Well, there's an easy way around all that.

Outsource your project, or use what someone has already done but has given PLR to. This is 

the simplest way to get going. Outsourcing won't give you those all-important skills in product 

creation, although it can cut down a lot of time in product preparation. It won't train your mind 

to write. It won't broaden your horizons about researching content for your product.

Also, what someone else has done for you may not be what you expect or would like your 

readers to buy. It may not be "your voice". 

Ah hah! This has just remined me about a free report "Finding Your Voice". It's here in the 

NTHB Bookshelf.

So, let's stick with PLR for now.

Write To Prosper

It can't just be any PLR product - it has to fit your specialty, your 

niche, or your particular focus. And it has to be a quality product. 

As I've described in Write To Prosper, there has to be a process 

that needs to be followed to make your product the best it can be. 

Whenever I start a new eBook or report, I think about what I'd like 

to see in it if I were the buyer. What this means is taking a transformative approach - put 

yourself in the eyes of your reader, and ask what you would prefer to see in the info-product 

you're creating. 

Your goal is to make your readers feel good about your product.

To get started in PLR, there are a number of excellent sites with quality PLR products that you 

can buy at low cost. 

Remember, when you buy - yes, you'll have to purchase - a quality PLR product to re-shape 

into your own, decide wisely, choose carefully. Some PLR products are "cheap", some are 

modestly priced (say around $60) and some are higher priced ($100 or more). It all depends 

on the size of the product, its depth, and the form it takes (i.e. ebook, report, article, video, 

audio, multi-medium).

However, don't think of the cost (that gets painful!), think of it as an investment, and how 

much you can turn that investment into a good long-term income.

Where to get quality PLR products?

There are many good PLR sites, but here are several options to get you started.


These sites - easyPLR.com and PLRMinimart.com - are credible, have been around 

for a few years, and have many short articles for less than $10 that can be turned into your 

own selling products.


Resell Rights Fortune has also been operating for years and not only has PLR 

products but also Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights info-products that can be used. 

Click this next link, if only to see what type of info-products are available ….


Here's a source that I've been a member of since 2005 - Surefirewealth <-click here

There's a free membership area, but if what you see really appeals to you, then there are 

upgrade options to Silver and Gold. 

If none of these options is for you, then I've got something else that will be very helpful about 

PLR and your info-product creation progress. It will be released very soon, so stay tuned.  

Make a comment and let us know what your experiences are with PLR.

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