The "Ideal" Info-Product

by Desmond Menz posted in Info-Product Creation


What's the "ideal" information product that you could create? For anyone 

starting an online business, with ebooks as the main product line, this is an 

important question. 

Let's examine it.

Firstly, having your own product is the best way to ensure that you’ll have a 

successful, sustainable, and long-term business. Why? 

Because …

  • you make 100% of the profits

  • there is ZERO delivery cost – no shipping is needed

  • the risk of running this type of business is almost negligible, and even if you fail then

    not much has been lost, only a bit of your time 

  • money can be made on autopilot

  • you have a worldwide audience

  • there is a proud feeling of achievement after you’ve completed your very own product

  • identifying yourself and your business is achieved

  • the method is easy to duplicate

So, let's get back to the question, what is the “ideal” ebook?  

What is its purpose? Is it to give a good read?  Should it entertain, to share ideas, impart 


Should it kick-start a personal goal, maybe a business goal? Or should it help the author 

make money fast?

The ideal ebook should satisfy all these questions.

The next consideration includes the following characteristics:  

  • the ideal eBook is one that’s in high demand

  • has quick and consistent sales 

  • costs little or nothing to produce
  • involves the least amount of work possible

  • offers multi-income streams

Here's the essence for producing the ideal ebook. 

During the planning phase of your ebook, always consider the following ...

  • Quick to produce

  • Something people want
  • Very cheap or best of all, free

  • Has a definite objective that results in profitability

  • Has the ability for additional profits, for example from inside the book or from Back

    End Sales

  • A lot of people (the general market) desire the book or it fits into a niche market with

    fewer participants but large response potential

  • The market is easily identifiable

  • The market is easy to reach

  • Multiple ways to market the eBook at low or no cost

  • Has viral marketing potential

  • Should have long term popularity and selling potential and be easy to update

  • Should include the means to capture enquirer and customer addresses

  • Contain other valuable information from inside the eBook  

It's a long list but it's exactly what should be aimed for in producing your info-product. 

Keep these in front of you at all times during your eBook preparation.

There's more detail on these critical aspects in the free report "Create An eBook In 5 Days - 

Earn From It For Life" in the form to the right. 


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