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Being different. Doing your own thing. Not conforming, especially when the "authorities" around you (i.e. governments, employer, workplace, friends, family, whatever) want you to conform.

Being unconventional can free you and your mind, and determine your destiny. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating becoming a radical and a heretic - although sometimes being on the edge of these could be useful!

It's about finding that passion in you that has been suppressed, that passion that makes you different, that idea you've long had but haven't expressed, that dream you've harboured but never set sail with.

When you find that moment of liberation, wow ... how things can take a different course! 

Take writing ... as you know that's pretty much what I advocate here at New Times Home Biz to get ahead. 

If you have the power of language, if you know how to use words persuasively, if you can string a few sentences together that others are impressed with, then you've got it. 

You've got the foundations to a good business.

Get those writings together

If you're a frequent reader of the NTHB Blog you would have found a lot of information on writing for profit and info-product creation, and all the other things related to marketing and selling your very own publications.

What I have written in those articles is what I do personally in my home business. 

But I confess, there's so much more that can be written. 

Now, speaking of blogging ... is your blog set up so that you can post your articles to specific categories? 

Remember that if you do this, and the material is of good quality, maybe unique, you've almost got ready-made publications that can be put on to Kindle. Or anywhere.

So, where does that leave you? Is the "unconventional" side to yourself able to be published? 

Learning about Self-Publishing

Do you like learning? There are so many courses on the 'net on just about every conceivable angle to do with a work-at-home business. 

Udemy and the incredible opportunities that are offered is a ground-breaking platform.

Knowing what to do, how to do it, and when, are critical to getting your publication or product successfully into the hands of others. But there's always a learning curve. Nothing will be achieved without knowledge.

Right now, I'm adding to my learning experiences by taking another course called
Proven Self-Publishing
. And I have to say, it is very, very good. It's backed by a couple of top-notch guys in Jason Miles and Jim Cockrum.

A Potent Combination

Proven Self-Publishing together with KINDLING is a very potent combination for learning about and earning from your own publications and products. 

If all you do is click the links to go to the information (sales) pages, then that will still be a good thing. At least you would have taken some action.

Proven Self-Publishing is the type of course that you can do in your spare time, or as quickly as you like. 

It has the potential for you to truly become "unconventional".

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