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Recently I thought I'd review a couple of my books. One was Home Business In New Times and the other was the free publication Create an ebook in 5 days … earn from it for life! that is available when people decide to sign up to my eBiz EYE newsletter.

I've had some feedback on Home Business In New Times saying that it was a good start for people wanting to establish an online home business. The bonus chapter on creating a first information product also received praise. That's good, but I'd still like to have more sales. So, what should I do? 

Often I'm not satisfied with what I produce, and so I just have to find ways to make them better. That's where making revisions, making small changes, comes in. These are the little tweaks that collectively add to optimising a product.

I know that at some stage I'll have to let my info-products go and allow them to live their own lives. But only up to a point. I'll come to that later. But for now, what can I do? Test.

3 simple changes to revitalize an info-


checkbox type x 1The title

checkbox type x 1The cover

checkbox type x 1The content

In WRITE TO PROSPER I discuss in detail about these three critical aspects of creating a digital information product.

Each one has to be as appealing as possible. It's well-known that titles and covers sell books, and I must confess that I could have done better with my efforts at the time of publication. 

But that's the interesting thing about writing and creating ebooks and reports. Just keep experimenting, use good tools, follow what successful others have done in the past. 

Testing the ebook title

I tested "Home Business In New Times" using a great software tool that scores text, whether it's headlines, book titles and sub-titles, copywriting, ads, words, sentences, email subject lines, and sales pages. 

Every day, we see dozens of headlines and ads on TV and billboards, in newspapers and journals, and we hear them on radio … everywhere we go just about. Many times we're swayed by catchy titles and captions. Look at the book covers at Amazon or any of the other online book stores. 

Anyway, this text scoring engine has more than 300,000 (and growing) entries in its database for analysing the text that's put into the engine. 

With a confirmed 86% accuracy, it's almost indispensible for any of us who create info-products, blog posts, ads, and web copy. I'll write about this tool in a future post.

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The scoring engine allowed me to test and compare multiple versions of the title "Home Business In New Times" and the sub-title "A simple plan to get it right and to keep it going".

I was never totally happy with either these, but I just wanted to get the ebook into the marketplace as quickly as I could and so I didn't brainstorm more than I had time for.

The book title results

After scoring my original titles, and trying a number of different versions, here's what the result became … hands down!

Interestingly, the sub-titles I tested were marginally reversed in terms of scoring.

My original sub-title "A Simple Plan To Get It Right … And To Keep It Going" scored a respectable 308.

But I finally chose "How To Turn Your Skills Into Rewarding Assets", which scored 250.

But, have a look at this. TURN SKILLS INTO REWARDING ASSETS scored … 348

It was tempting to use this, but I didn't.

Do sub-titles make a difference?

The short answer is - yes, mostly. But not always. It depends on the message that you're wanting to get across.

With my chosen sub-title, there were two negatively scored words, HOW (-30) and YOUR (-41).

Bring On New Times is an ebook that discusses a lot about the "How-to" in starting a new business, and is particularly for people wanting to break away and do something different in their lives. It also appeals directly to the reader, "you".

And that's why I chose a lesser-scored sub-title.

You never know, I might just make another change and go for that high scoring sub-title some time in the future.


      Find out more about BRING ON NEW TIMES 

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In a future post I'll discuss why and how I changed the covers on both Bring On New 

Times and Create an ebook in 5 days … earn from it for life! 

In the meantime, have your say, make a comment. 

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