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PLRPrivate Label Rights.

It will give you advantages if its in your arsenal!

Why? Because it can be a formidable way to steer you into creating an excellent info-product that you can sell over and over again.

If you search online about PLR you'll find huge swags of information and places where you can get PLR content. Beware!

Have you ever bought a product with a PLR licence? Did you use it, or is it still sitting on 

your hard drive collecting digital dust? If it's still locked away, find it and see what can be 

done with a makeover.

I've written snippets before, such as Can PLR be used to boost your online business?  

Let's recap what PLR is?

It's content that is written once and sold to multiple buyers who can then edit the product in 

any way, put their own name on it, and claim full ownership. There are many types of PLR 

content - articles, ebooks, blog posts, email autoresponder series, reports, software, video, 

audio, and more. 

PLR content is a surefire way to get your next info-product into the marketplace in quick 


Do it once or twice each month, and then what have you got? An info-product empire! A real 

biz kick-starter.

Not All PLR Content Is Created Equally

Some originators of PLR content are making a very nice income from their own products 

where they create and package it themselves.

Others who outsource the work to create PLR content are also doing nicely. But this is 

where there can be traps. Quality!

Just out of interest a year or two back, I purchased several PLR info-products - and these 

were from a reasonably well-known marketer. It was the first time I had used his service.

The quality was low and the product did not meet my expectations and standards. 

Obviously the products were outsourced. I got a refund. 

Remember - if you purchase PLR products with the aim to turn them into a good product of 

your own, buy quality first.

But always be skeptical. It might be the best decision if your trust yourself first, and write 

your very own copy rather than spending time chopping and changing someone else's 


How Do You Know The Quality Of PLR Content?

As with many products available online today, there can be a big gap between the good, the not-so-good, and the downright bad when it comes to purchasing "other people's products" that you're licensed to use. Some can be of such dubious quality that it will potentially harm your efforts. 

Look for these SEVEN FEATURES FOR PLR SUCCESS and ask yourself some questions:

     Is it well-written? Look for grammatical errors, spelling errors, and sentence structure.

     Ensure it is on-topic and doesn't stray from the subject. The cue here is to look for fluff and filler. Avoid this stuff.

     Is it contemporary? This doesn't mean to say that you should avoid older material. On the contrary, with evergreen products such as gardening or saving house energy, older material can be easily re-worked into the present day.

     Is the PLR product well structured? By this I mean its layout, chapters, headings and sub-headings.

     Is the content of value? Put yourself in the shoes of the reader. Is the content able to maintain your interest without having to skip over paragraphs and pages? Are you able to take away some great points or advice that you can use to your own benefit?  These aspects are the real tests of quality.

     Try to discover the original author of the PLR material. Is it outsourced? And where?

     Does the package come with additional resources, such as image files, sales page, ecover (if an ebook or report), email articles, articles that can be used elsewhere?

Read the licence carefully and ensure that you have the broadest rights possible. Some PLR packages might have several restrictions, such as not being able to on-sell the rights of the product that yourself have created. You might not be able to give away those source files. And you might not be able to add the PLR content to a paid membership site that you operate.

Is Using PLR Content For You?

I know people who have great skills and knowledge but just haven't got the confidence to 

transfer those experiences into an ebook or report, or create an info-product. 

They don't know the potential of an online business. They don't know about how simple it 

can be to create a product that can earn them additional income.

Is that you? If you're in a rut, or spinning your wheels, get some traction. 

The secret to buying PLR content to boost your business is to use it immediately, otherwise it will just slip away into the deep dark places of your hard drive, and never see the light of day.

Here's what can make a big difference to your PLR ventures. 

This report shows the easiest path to use PLR material to get your very own product online in the quickest time. Or maybe to add another to your existing product line.

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eBiz EYE On Private Label Rights

Are you using PLR material in your business? What type of products have you created? have you been successful? Have your say.

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