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Plain Book cover

Don't judge a book by its cover! 

How often have we heard that saying? 

It's true, we should never buy a book (and for that matter a DVD or CD) on the basis of it's cover, but buy it on what's inside. It's the content that matters. 

But we humans are a visual lot; our first impressions are all based on how something looks.

Why do publishers spend so much time and money on presentation, and how the product looks at first glance? 

Because of human nature, and because many people buy on "looks" and they buy on impulse. The impulse buyer abounds aplenty! 

When was the last time you bought on impulse without thinking too much about the product? It's very easy to be hooked quickly by sales hype and first appearances?

Caveat emptor - buyer beware! "All that glisters is not gold!"

The fact is that if we're in the info-product market as a publisher, then we just have to present our products as best we can. And so I'm going to run through what I did to a couple of my ebooks.

Give a good product a new life … just by changing the cover

In The Advantages Of Revising Your Info-Products, I described three simple changes that can revitalize an info-product. 

checkbox type x 1The title

checkbox type x 1The cover

checkbox type x 1The content

We’ve looked at "The title” issue, so now let's focus on the cover. 

By way of example, I'll describe why and how I changed the covers on two of my ebook creations, Bring On New Times and Create An eBook In 5 Days - Earn From It For Life!

But first, you've created an info-product haven't you? 

If not, then there are three ways where you can get a heap of information to get started - all free, of course - and all here at NTHB.

Right arrow in square boxGo through the ecourse eBook Biz

Right arrow in square boxGet Create An eBook In 5 Days - Earn From It For Life! … just subscribe on the form in the sidebar.

Right arrow in square boxGo through the articles at Create Info-Products and Writing For Profit

And if you want to take a big step forward, then WRITE TO PROSPER has it all.

Now, let's get into why and how I changed the covers on the two ebooks.

Changing ebook covers

Firstly, Bring On New Times.

The original cover appeared too cluttered and unclear with the whole cover consumed by the background image of clouds. 

The title had to stand out, so it needed to be on a less obtrusive background. I stayed with a similar cloud theme, because that's what most of us are trying to do when making a big change in our lives - we're reaching for the clouds, striving for success, seeking an online income and creating a home business. 

The empty green field creates a strong contrast, and it also contains the sub-title (although it is in small font, with the aim not to detract from the main title).

Let's now turn our attention to Create An eBook In 5 Days - Earn From It For Life!

This ebook is given away when people subscribe at NTHB, so I didn't initially spend much time on the cover. I just made a simple graphic and text layout, and this was done in mac Pages (the equivalent of MS Word). Here it is.

It's nothing flash, and was created on my Mac in about 15 minutes. And it was only in 2D, a flat cover. 

All I did was grab some images from a graphics app, used a nice font, and added a neutral graded background, and then dropped a shadow around the image. Did I say image?

Yes … to make the cover transferable to my site I simply made a JPG image of it. 

This was all done in Mac's iWork Pages, and a similar outcome can be achieved with MS Word and Oracle's Open Office.

I've seen giveaway products (reports) with almost no cover graphics, just the title and sub-title on the report.

I was never happy with my result and made a note to myself to make changes some time in the future. Also, I wanted to create a 3D cover and wanted a better presentation.

How to change digital product covers

It's been said many times by authoritative sources in the digital products game that a book is judged by its cover. Walk into a bookshop and you'll see very impressive books with eye-catching covers on display. Sometimes the cover is the hook to buy, regardless of the quality of the content.

For guidance about book cover design, have a look at the ebook products at - most have a professional look about them, and some have a very appealing look, no doubt with an eye to sales and an eye to the impulse buyer. 

It's that psychological factor of "presentation" that's very important, and eBooks are no different. It could make the difference between getting a sale and not getting a sale, or getting many sales and just a few. 

In the ebook Bring On New Times I described two graphics sources where good looking covers can be created. There are many other options to choose from, and prices vary quite a lot. Other options include graphics programs like Photoshop, but I steer well clear of all that. I like to keep things simple and as easy as possible.

Here are two low cost options.

ecover software pro    

This is a Windows 7 program which is downloaded and operated from your computer. 

For a one-time fee you can be up and running quickly. The learning curve is quite short, and all that is needed is to import your images (e.g. photos, quality clipart, icons) to produce your eBook and report images.

If you have a Mac, as I do, you’ll need to be able to run the program in a virtual machine. If you’re not sure what this means, then try a search online.

online ecover creator    

A simpler method is to use an online program, but with this one there’s a monthly fee of just $9.95, or an annual fee of $49. In one month, you could create as many covers as you wish for less than ten bucks. 

That's a pretty good deal. If you had 10 reports and ebooks that needed covers, then $1 each would do it!

Or … why not try the limited free version? 

Also, the program it is very easy to use, the end-product is simply great, and you don’t need to worry about whether you have a PC or a mac; it is web-based.

Online ecover generator has everything you’ll need to create high quality eBook cover graphics in both 2D and 3D … and in all different types of bindings and presentations depending on whether it's a report or book, or DVD cover that's being sought.

Importing images from another application is not necessary, but if you have some special graphics you'd like to use, then they can be transferred into the the cover design very easily.

Online ecover creator is what I used for both Bring On New Times and Create An eBook In 5 Days - Earn From It For Life!

The Fiverr advantage

There's a third really good source for your ebook or report cover, and that's at Fiverr. Just about anything to do with your info-product can be obtained from people doing gigs for $5 at Fiverr. Choose your provider carefully if you prefer to use that service.

In a future article I'll show what I've done with one of my latest info-products. Be prepared for how simple and cheap it can be to create a great looking ebook cover.

In the meantime, make a comment about this article. Do you have other alternatives that have been successful for you?

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