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by Desmond Menz posted in Info-Product Creation

There's a lot that can be written about book cover design and cover creation, and in Your book cover can make a BIG difference I revealed how I changed the covers on two of my info-products.

The options I gave were paid methods, but as we know, there's always another way to achieve the same result. The free way!

But before we get going ….

My "other" business info-products

I'll now let you in on a very important part of what I do. Although I really enjoy everything I do at NTHB, my other work is about transitioning my decades of experience, skills, and knowledge as a self-employed professional civil/environmental engineer into an online business. 

To do this, I'm creating many info-products from which I'm doing everything I can to earn income. At some time in the future I'll create a course about making that transition.

My latest info-product? To the left is the flat cover I created in iWork Pages. The same result could be achieved with MS Word and Open Office Writer.

Given the type of ebook that it is, I think "the reed bed book" cover is getting close to the quality I'd like to create for all my ebook covers.

I've looked at a lot of book covers on Amazon to get some design hints, and I suggest that's what you could do also.

Note that "the reed bed book" is a technical type of product, it is a design guide, so its look will be quite different from other genres, such as fiction.

By the way, the TIFF image of the whole cover that was originally generated from a "Selection Capture" in Grab (a great little app for screen and image capture) was 413 KB in size. 

To reduce this size (and to make the page load faster), I converted the TIFF image to JPG. 

The result was 115 KB in size - a big difference and about one-quarter the size. 

When you create images to place on your website or blog, try to reduce the file size to a minimum without losing too much clarity.

Another eCover creation alternative

I just have to show you this really quick solution. It's a very elegant result at a great price - FREE!

Although the 2D (flat) cover is all that's needed when I'll place my ebook on to, I will also need a 3D cover for marketing and display purposes on my ecommerce platform. 

Here's what I created using the free online tool at Online 3D Package. Can you see anything different? 

It's the same image that I created in my word processor. 

But I also created an additional image for the spine (the bookend). All this took about 15 minutes. Then the images were uploaded. 

Before finalising the project, it can be rotated to any desired display, and that's a handy advantage to have.

Not too bad a result. It also has a shadow and mirror effect.

The only problem is the small 3DPackage icon in the top left-hand corner (see it?). I could easily remove that by using Grab (my Mac app, and I'm sure there's a Windows alternative) and select just the book image as there are no restrictions displayed on the 3DPackage website. 

I've left it there in the image above for illustration purposes.

Rounding it off

Now you know how and why I changed the covers on my info-products, and how to create one for free.

I think further improvements can be made to "Create an ebook in 5 days …", but that's for another time. I'd like to get some more pizzazz into it.

The take-away message is this - test your products as much as you can, and make changes to keep them fresh. Perhaps "version 2" or "updated version" can be placed on the cover to show that it is still current.

Have your say. What changes to your info-products have you made that have driven greater success for you? How did you do it? What tools did you use?

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