6 ways to increase your ebook product line 

by Desmond Menz posted in Info-Product Creation

Diversity is important, almost indispensable, in setting up and running a business, whether this is online or offline. With this theme in mind, let's look at what you can do to quickly build a portfolio of eBooks.

Book Pile

Use your own template

If you've created your first eBook, then you most likely would have used, or created, a template. 

I've written extensively about the structure of an eBook in "Write To Prosper", so if you would like more information then have a look in the Store.

Resell Rights

This is a simple way to acquire best selling books quickly, at little cost, and complete with 

marketing materials. “Resell Rights” represents the easiest and fastest way to start your 

publishing business. It's also a way of selling someone else’s product legitimately to earn an 

income. 100% of the sales income is yours! 

Remember however, that you will be exposed to selling the same product that hundreds or 

thousands of other people are trying to sell, so competition will be intense. 

Make your offer different, preferably unique, and do all that you can to make your eBook the 

one to buy.   

Here are two great sources for Resell Rights products.

Resell Rights Fortune ... go through the Categories section and see if there's something in your preferred 

area that really stands out.

Resell Rights Mastery  … this contains a whole library of eBooks on a large number of topics and niches 

that you can use. Why not grab a FREE membership and get access to the large library of 


When looking at these sites, exercise care in choosing a product. Stick with your particular 

niche, become an “expert”, and be recognized accordingly. Keep your target market always 

in view.

Use Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights (or PLR) allows you to edit and alter the product any way you like. For 

example - using your own name as the author; changing words, chapters, graphics; adding 

to the product, breaking the product down into several different products; using the contents 

in blog posts and email auto-responder series; using the contents in newsletters. PLR 

products will come with a range of conditions established by the original author so you must 

adhere rigidly to these conditions.

Be very aware of the junk that’s out there; scrutinize the product very carefully before you 

decide to use it or change it.

Some products may even have two options when you purchase them - Resell Rights or 

Private Label Rights. 

In fact, you can use your PLR products and sell the resell rights to others, to create a 


To make a PLR product (your eBook) your very own you would need to change at least 50% 

and conceivably upwards of 70% of the original product. 

This is not difficult to do, particularly if you know your topic and can add your own content, 

change the existing content around, add images, and include relevant references. 

If you have only chosen a PLR product to obtain ideas and an outline for your eBook project, 

then this is even better, and is a good business strategy that has worked well for many online 

authors. Use the PLR product as a framework for your excellent piece of work.

Check this out ...

Surefirewealth ... This is one of the best websites going around for PLR, and Resell Rights and 

Master Resell Rights packages. Click on the link to be taken to a FREE membership page. 

You’ll be astounded as to how much information is there. The best way to get going is to take 

up a Silver or Gold membership, preferably the latter because that’s where the maximum 

number of offerings are.

When you have produced your own eBook or other info-product, submit it to Surefirewealth to 

gain massive exposure, and to build your list.

Repackage Products

This means bundling, recreating, and producing something unique from readily available 


Various elements fall within the scope of repackaging, including:

  • repackage items with no special theme or concept other than offering a high price 

          product at a bargain price

  • bundle items with a connecting or specific theme to appeal to a wide market audience 

  • repackage for a niche market that has been recognized as underserved 

  • add something unique
  • use the package to sell something else 

Make your package so compelling that it satisfies all, or nearly all, of the requirements of your 


Repackaged material comes generally from Private Label Rights, Resell Rights, Master Resell 

Rights, Public Domain, and Out Of Copyright Work.

Use Public Domain and Out-Of-Copyright Work

This mainly means the work is yours to legally use as you please, but make sure that you use 

this material ethically and not claim it as your own. Avoid plagiarism.

Examples of public domain and copyright-free works:

  • Some articles and books written before specific dates as determined by copyright law or a specified period from the creator’s death. Search online for an informative guides on copyright law.

  • Famous quotes and sayings are usually copyright-free but can sometimes be 


  • Some government information.

Use Off The Shelf Ideas

Search old newspapers and magazines for profitable ideas.  Focus on ways to capitalize on 

old newspaper stories, where ‘old’ could mean recent. If possible refer to very old printed 

materials, say up to one hundred years, or maybe older.  Most very old magazines are out of 

copyright and include tips, ideas and articles that can be lifted and adapted for today’s 

reader with no problem in terms of copyright.  Again, ethical issues might raise concerns so  

be careful.

Choose a niche topic that’s relatively obscure but has a strong small following. Search using 

Google’s Keyword Search Tool and long-tail keywords (i.e. many words strung together 

about a particular search problem) to test the likely popularity and market potential.

Remember, some very obscure niches with just a few hundred very interested people can 

provide a more profitable info-product than one that is in a market where there are thousands 

of lookers, but with few buyers.

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