The realities of going solo

by Desmond Menz posted in Home Business Tips

Every day, thousands of people, ordinary workers, have a nagging question that pops into 

their heads. "What can I do to change my life?" 

Or maybe it's the thought "If only I could find a way to earn a living doing something I really 

would like to do."

And so, every day, thousands of people go online in search of their first Internet business 


But guess what? Thousands give up after having experienced failure. They were possibly 

enticed by the huge success of some Internet marketers who made a fortune dreaming up 

ideas and selling stuff that was unique at the time. 

Or maybe they were overcome by the allure of easy money marketed by the thousands of 

"programs" that in the end came to nought. It's a fickle business ... or so it seems to be.

And every day, there are thousands more who yearn to change their lives, but never give an 

ONLINE business a thought. Can you believe that? Why? It's simply because they do not 

know the opportunities available online and the potential of creating a home business built on 

their greatest resource.

Your Success Resource

It's not what everyone else has got. It's unique to you. So what is it?

It's what's in your head ... your skills and knowledge, your talents, and your unique 


Remember this last one, because in a later post I'm going to be talking about what nearly 

every business and organisation on earth searches for … 

a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Home Business Essentials

Firstly a reality check ...

  • An online business requires much less time and money to start and manage than an offline venture, and you’ll probably see results a lot faster online. But getting into profit with your digital enterprise is probably not going happen overnight. Keep your day job until you begin seeing profits, or have some backup funds to support you while you learn to eke out an online living.
  • There's no "guaranteed" pay. Be aware that it will be much different from your offline life where you're used to getting paid every week or fortnight, than going solo online. Make sure you have cash flow to back you up.
  • There are no paid vacations by working for yourself. Hopefully however, you'll be able to automate your business so that when you do go on vacation there will be an income of sorts.
  • You are the only person that can motivate yourself. No one else can do that for you. If you label yourself a procrastinator, you’d better learn how to push through it and become productive.
  • Responsibility for your results is solely yours. Your success and your failure rely completely on your efforts and on the value of whatever strategy you choose to implement.

Now to the good things ...

  • You're in total control, you're the boss! You can be selective about who you want to be your client (assuming that you've built a sizeable list of customers). You make the rules, and that includes setting your own schedule. You can decide where to work, and maybe that's in your home office or maybe somewhere else that you find very appealing. Your office is very mobile. 
  • Your income is unlimited, you have no wage or salary cap. Your level of income and success is totally up to you.
  • There are many options and pathways for you to take. A home business allows you to explore the ideas you like and build a business doing what you love every day.
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You have to be able to SELL

If you decide to start a home business, or if you already have started, you'll need to be able 

to SELL and sell well. And if you find that difficult to do, you'll either need to change your 

mindset or walk away from the whole idea of a work-at-home business. One of the biggest 

hurdles to overcome for the ordinary person trying to find an audience, is to sell themselves. 

This can be a really tough gig for most people, but always keep this in mind ...

money bag Dice

   you don't have to roll these      . . . . . . . . . . . .            to get this

There's nothing wrong or unethical or unprincipled about "selling". After all, every shop we go 

into we're being "sold" stuff. Every day of our lives we're being sold stuff. Every time we've 

applied to get a new job, we've had to sell ourselves. It's just asimple fact of our everyday 

lives - selling.Isn't the main aim of an Internet Marketer to try to sell stuff? 

If you're an IM'er, or if you want to sell info-products, you have to learn to sell.

Are you a risk-taker?

What do you think so far?  Is an online business something you’d honestly like to try?  

Are you ready to try it right now? Or, having read the pro's and con's above, are you not 

totally convinced yet?

There’s no shame in deciding a home business isn’t for you. At the same time, if you believe 

you can succeed online, you shouldn’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

Take this decision seriously. Remember, you’re considering a business venture, not a hobby. 

In the end, it’s up to you to follow your heart and do what’s right in your unique situation.

It all comes down to a calculated risk. Weigh up all the advantages and disadvantages. List 

them all down and examine them critically.

Above all, get your mindset right, for without that, failure is just around the corner!

Go to Think Smart for a lot more about getting your Mindset right.

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