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No one knows yourself better than you. Only you know your true capabilities and your limits, and that includes your skills, knowledge, and talents. 

For some people, it might be difficult to recognise these capabilities, and so the intervention of someone else is necessary. 

But let's assume that you've examined your whole mindset and that you really know what you want in life. If you have a particular skill, an experience that could be shared, or knowledge that could help others, then let the world know about it. 

Some time ago I wrote about the realities of going solo, so in this article we're going to explore a little more about how you can take an idea and build on it for profit.

Is it time to take a risk?

Firstly, a quick re-cap. We all know that creating your own home business means "going solo" - that is, if you don't employ anyone else. So, get the confidence to go solo and you'll experience a life-changing shift in your fortunes.

The online marketplace is an ever-expanding beast that's full of people who are looking for someone like you with your skills. This is how many online businesses have started. 

People have identified a niche that hasn't been explored, or has been under-served, and have then jumped at the opportunity to open up the market. 

With national economies in a poor state, this could be just the right time for you to get started with a side business that could bring in much-needed cash. 

Getting Started 


What can you do? Get your toolbox together.

If you're a financial whiz, then you could offer services as a financial consultant. 

Maybe you're a teacher, or a former teacher, and can offer services as a tutor. Or perhaps write about your classroom experiences. Offer techniques to others entering the profession.

Are you good at organising functions? Then start networking online. Search for like-minded people and businesses that you could form alliances with.

If you're a professional - say, an engineer - then write about the problems that you've solved and the people you've helped. 

Focus on your area of expertise, identify particular niches within your field of work, skills, or knowledge, then go to the next step.

What will you offer? 

Before you create your website (which you will need), decide what services and/or products you will offer to potential customers and clients. Decide if you could offer planning kits, plans, schedules, checklists, ideas for business development or personal advancement. 

Could you offer special reports? You could teach others how to become more successful in their field of work with informative reports and eBooks. 

Each new product or service you offer can continue to increase your potential income.

Your Online Assets

Your website or blog will be the place where others will learn all about you and your services and/or products. Your website needs to be informative and functional, and it should tell something about yourself as well as showcasing what you have to offer to customers. 

Create quality content for visitors while you are working on your products. 

When I began NewTimesHomeBiz, the first two products I created were …

Success is how you think          and        Your eBook Biz

These helped me lay the foundations of my approach to my online business. You see, to write things down is a great way to learn and an excellent way to develop your writing skills in preparation for products that you can sell into your market.

Find out more about creating your website or blog, or both, at Website and Blog Essentials.

Open your doors

Now you'll need to find people who would be interested in what you have to say, and what you have to offer.

This involves marketing and finding ways to advertise. Advertising doesn't need to cost very much. You can find zero or low cost methods online. But perhaps the best way to find readers (traffic) is to consistently write good, unique content - these can be articles on your website and blog posts. 

Although article marketing offers a way to show your expertise and also get some links back to your website, this approach has lost some of its pulling power. 

Blog commenting, where you provide comments at other selected blogs in your field, is a better approach. 

Once your site begins to gain traffic you might consider investing in paid forms of advertising.

Use social networking. Add social icons to your site and to every post in your blog.

There's a huge array of social networks that you could use, but a word of caution. They can be time suckers and divert your attention from your main game.

So, create a Facebook page and a Google Hangout for your business. Tell all of your friends about your new enterprise. Join business networking sites like LinkedIn. Use Pinterest and create a pin board of your enterprise and progress. Stay in touch with customers and followers on Twitter. 

All of these accounts are free. And always remember, someone is looking for your help. What do you think? 

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