Making the best use of time

by Desmond Menz posted in Home Business Tips

A Balancing Act


Your home business life will always be a balancing act. 

What time to spend on projects, what time to spend on research, what time to spend on product creation; and there's time needed for liesure, family, yourself ... and it goes on.

In the hours you spend in your home office each day, time has to be used wisely and to its optimum if you're going to get the best results in everything you do. 

By "best results" I don't necessarily mean "the most money". Other factors such as your personal happiness, business achievements, meeting your goals, are all contributors to and recipients of your time.

But along the way, TIME WASTERS will always be lurking in the background just waiting to pounce on you.

Time wasting distractions

A very important step that I've implemented in the past is to eliminate distractions. This is similar to the theme of "focus", but it's not the same. 

Distractions are all these and more ...

button canceltime-wasting emails that we all get each day

button cancelthose online searches that we do on specific issues but which then results in being
          diverted from the topic that was initially being explored 

button cancelthe hopping from one blog to another to make that so-called necessary post 

button cancelhaving too many projects on the go at one time (that's a focus thing but can be very

button cancelhaving offline activities that could simply be done at another time but don't 

The list could go on, but for now let's see what can be done about two big time killers

Get control of email

The big time killer that I've experienced in the past is email - too much of it. 

And too many offers from Internet Marketers that result in time being evaporated like its out in the desert sun. And too many people trying to build a so-called business by slamming me with daily emails containing the next "must-have" product.

What's the solution? 

Cleanse the email, be ruthless with it, and only stay on the lists of no more than 5-10 others, whatever can be handled efficiently. The less the better.

At times I've got back to having too many time-sucking emails that I THINK I just have to read and to look at whatever offer is contained in them. 

Clean them out, get off lists. 

Get off time-sucking lists

I need to regularly get off lists because from time-to-time I subscribe thinking there are some tangible benefits. But what happens over time is that these accumulate, and once again I have to be ruthless ... and get control of my time!

Here's what else to be alert for.

When you get on that "worthy" list all too often it could descend into pitch after pitch to buy this-or-that product. They are the ones that I get off very quickly. They might start out with good intentions, but when the autoresponder series ends then that's the end of the information pipeline. 

That strategy is not what a long-lasting business-building relationship is built on. Jay Abraham talks about this in The Strategy of Pre-eminence which I discussed in a recent post "Is it time to re-focus?".

Here's a great tool to help with time management ... The Action Generator

Make a comment about what you've done about controlling your email and subscriptions to other internet marketers.

Let others know about this post ... share it to help them. 

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